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This weekend I’ll mostly be listening to… music from 2015! December 26, 2015

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Tip of the iceberg really, but… here are some of the tracks and albums that I’ve played and played again. No particular order, but standout for me? Agoria.

Killing Joke Euphoria

Sleater-Kinney No Cities To Love

Palmbomen II – John Lee Roche [Official Video]

New Order – Academic

Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe – Melorist

Agoria – Bapteme

The Go! Team – The Scene Between

Chris Potter Underground Orchestra – Compassion

Steven Wilson – First Regret/3 Years Older

Steve Kilbey/Martin Kennedy – Theodora

Lusts – Mouthwash

Hawklords – We Are One

G-Machine – Boogie Down

Barnett & Colloccia – Rose Eye

Leftfield – Universal Everything

Follakzoid – Feuerzeug

Helena Hauff – Tripartite Pact

Lone Lady – Bunkerpop

The Chills – When The Poor Can Reach The Moon

mind.in.a.box Unforgiving World

Nik Turner – Hypernova

Soft Moon – Deeper

Amenra – Yielding

Moon Duo – Free the Skull

Kiasmos – Swept


1. sonofstan - December 26, 2015

This year…….
Mbongwana Star (+gig of the year, no question), Songhoy Blues (and see ‘they’ll have to kill us first’, about Mali musicians coping with Jihadi occupation in the north of the country), Noura Mint Seymali, Dick Diver (great Melbourne band, thanks to Cian Nugent for the nod), Courtney Barnett, Kendrick Lemar, Dam Funk, Girl Band, Joan Shelley…. and watching Lynched effortlessly take a London audience on a musical journey to Dublin 7

Biggest turn on of the year though was a raft of contemporary country artists, mostly female: Miranda Lambert (hear ‘Smokin’ and Drinkin’), Lee Ann Womack, Gretchen Peters and, most of all, Angaleena Presley and her album, American Middle-Class. The title track is a confusing, for Europeans, mix of apparently reactionary and progressive politics, an overview of her coal miner father’s life – but the general lyrical tone is brutal documentary realism, as hard-hitting as any hip-hop, but set in the depressed rural slums of Kentucky, where dying coal mines, and the rapacious mining companies, and the scourge of ‘hillbilly heroin’ have destroyed where she grew up. This is the stand out song, and the stand out line – ‘there’ good Christian women, locking their front doors and praying their daughters don’t turn into meth whores’

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2. DJ John Spart - December 30, 2015

Snap! Always hard to pick out 10 tracks but Agore’s ‘Bapteme’ was probably our favourite here at Jimstown Towers. It’s a good job these things aren’t supposed to be set in stone. Instead I’ve just tried to list the tracks I’ve listened to the most as we approached our print deadlines for Workers Vanguard.

#10 – DVA Damos – ‘On Your Heels’ [Downwards]

#9 – Nathan Fake – ‘Fortune Bru’ [Cambria Records]

#8 – Lucy – ‘Rema Rema Canoero’ [Stroboscopic Artefacts]

#7 – Powell – ‘Club Music (Ancient Methods ‘Körpersäure91′ Mix)’ [Diagonal]

#6 – Benjamin Damage – ‘Shimmer’ [50 Weapons]

#5 – Luca Lozano – ‘Come With Me’ [Unknown to the Unknown]

#4 – Rrose – ‘Signs’ [EAUX]

#3 – Kangding Ray – ‘These Are My Rivers’ [Raster-Noton]

#2 – Truss – ‘Kymin Lea’ [Perc Trax]

#1 – Agoria – ‘Bapteme’ [Kompakt]


WorldbyStorm - December 31, 2015

Fantastic selection. What is it about Agoria? The simplicity? I don’t know, it’s just great.

Powell is fantastic. Nathan Fake I’d already heard and as dependable as ever. DVA Damos is brilliant. Lucy interesting. I love the way it retains the dissonance even as it moves towards bigger and bigger sounds. Brilliant. Shimmer is lovely. Rrose I’d heard too – the arpeggiated notes are it…


WorldbyStorm - December 31, 2015

And just to add Truss and Kanding Ray are great too. Particularly the latter.


3. eamonncork - December 31, 2015













Eamonncork - December 31, 2015

10.5. can replace 6 which was so good I named it twice.

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WorldbyStorm - December 31, 2015

Some lovely stuff in there EC. Chick Corea & Bela Fleck, Floating Points and Merle Haggard in particular. A long time since I listened to FSA. Like the Chris Nightcap and Jlin pieces too.


4. roddy - December 31, 2015

Merle Haggard was very right wing at one point but I recall seeing somewhere that he became “anti war” in recent times.


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