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Lemmy 1945-2015 December 29, 2015

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This is probably as good a run-through of the man and group as could be wanted, from the TV Tropes page on Motörhead.

Always loved them, still have the Bronze singles from the late 70s and early 80s, and still play them (along with Hawkwind – natch! – and see below for his contribution to one of their greatest songs and one he wrote himself for them which has that protopunk/metal steel. Just on that his contribution to their evolving sound was I’d argue much greater than is given credit for).

Saw them only once, in the RDS about a decade and a bit ago at a metal festival which they headlined and he/they were as one would expect, streamlined, efficient, oddly charismatic. When talking about Joey Ramone who had died recently then a small number in the crowd cheered at the mention of his death causing Lemmy to gruffly give out to them before breaking into R.A.M.O.N.E.S (a band who he obviously felt were kindred spirits).

He was a remarkably good-humoured character somehow embodying aspects of that Ladbroke Grove post-hippy environment that were part of his roots and melding them to punk. Small wonder that his group was one that had massive crossover appeal between the originally competing camps of metal and punk. He’d been pretty poorly the last year, but this was still sadly = almost shockingly – unexpected for someone who gave the impression of total imperviousness.

Here’s some of their/his best moments and there were many many.


1. Joe - December 29, 2015

Will always remember the first time he made an impression on me. It was the ToTP performance of the Ace of Spades. Everything on the show at that time was nice and bright and fluffy and then the dj said now we have Motorhead with the Ace of Spades. And the lads came on and milled into it. A breath of fresh air.
In UCD way back in the day, I remember a quatrain graffitied on a toilet door. It went:
Down by law, killed by death
Lord make me pure, but just not yet


2. oglach - December 29, 2015

Thanks for the great tribute.


3. JM - December 29, 2015

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4. irishelectionliterature - December 29, 2015

RIP , one of my favourites

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5. rockroots - December 29, 2015

Very sad news. He was unrepentant at living the stereotypical rock star lifestyle, but did it with such charm, humour and down-to-earthness that it was very difficult not to be won over. Much – but not all – of his music was fantastic, but it was his personality that really made him loved.


6. CMK - December 29, 2015

RIP. Read in one of his obituaries that he recently compromised with his doctor and swapped whiskey for vodka. One of a kind, we’ll not see his like again. His Guardian obituary makes clear he was pretty sharp mentally as well.


7. JM - December 30, 2015

“Who’d win in a wrestling match, Lemmy or God?”


” Wrong, dickhead, trick question. Lemmy IS God”.

– Great line from the movie “Airheads”


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8. JM - January 10, 2016


WorldbyStorm - January 10, 2016

I was watching it late last night. I kind of liked it. I thought Lars Ulrich was almost the best, really locked into the way the group interacted with fans etc.


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