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The CLR Cryptic Christmas Quiz: Day 6 December 30, 2015

Posted by clrgo in Crazed nonsense..., Guest Quiz.

It’s Christmas, with its twelve days — well, thirteen days if you include both 25 December and 6 January — so we have a quiz with thirteen questions of varying degrees of difficulty to give you something to mull on over the holidays. The questions were devised by different members of the team at Cedar Lounge Revolution.

Each day we will post a new question. Here is today’s:

6 In a ten year period starting in the early 1980s in the US there were eleven of them sent somewhere on behalf of an organisation that had no official name. What were they?

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For those who like the challenge of hacking the questions themselves, the comments here are closed so that you won’t have your fun ruined by accidentally seeing something below, but if you would like to discuss the questions or share hints (or curse the question setters), we have created a separate discussion thread here, craftily filed away in the posts for December 1915 so that it won’t pop on your front page by mistake. (If the link isn’t working, that post is at the following page: https://cedarlounge.wordpress.com/1915/12/25/the-clr-cryptic-christmas-quiz-discussion-thread/)

This is primarily for fun, but we hope to turn this into a competition with a prize, but our preferred supplier of the intended prize was closed for Christmas by the time we got around to contacting them. More on the competition near the final days of the quiz.

The previous questions are below the fold:

1 (a) What started between the release of Please Please Me and the verdict in the criminal trial R v Penguin Books Ltd, and (b) for whom was it rather late?

2 (a) Why in Ireland are there no 12th, 22nd, 24th, 25th, or 32nd?
(b) And why can we not yet say if the most recent, not included in this question, will remain in the list?
(c) In the USA, what happened to the 18th?

3 When most of the world, including sellers of Dublin’s evening paper, hear Mendelssohn, why do certain Dubliners and listeners to RTÉ radio hear Handel?

4 The one in Kerry is designated 08/26, the one in Donegal 03/21, as is the one in Waterford (although they may not be exactly parallel), and the one in Sligo 11/29. The location of the one in Co Clare has a different name, but it is designated 06/24. Apart from those we ask about, there is one other which we have not identified because it would give subject of the question away. What are the designations in Cork and Dublin?
[Update 1 January: an error in the original question has been corrected. It now reads ‘the one in Donegal 03/21’. (It originally omitted the first zero.)]

5 Pythagoras’s is bigger than Didymus’s and Oxford’s is altogether different. What are they?

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