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‘The Revolution Papers’ December 30, 2015

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Some of you may have heard the dulcet tones of Pat Kenny advertising ‘The Revolution Papers’. Went up to the shop to buy the paper yesterday and bought the first issue of ‘The Revolution Papers’ instead!. The first issue contained the following publications … Irish War News 25/4/1916 , Belfast Evening Telegraph Bulletin 28/4/1916 , The Gaelic American 29/4/1916 , and The Irish Independent 4/5/1916. The Indo’s anti rising editorial was worth the price (€ 3.90) alone…. the first few lines are below…
It’s interesting reading the different viewpoints of the papers, the contemporary reports from around Dublin and other parts of the Country and of course intermingled with this are reports from The Great War. That and reports of non war or rising incidents as well as notices and advertisements.
There is a small bit of analysis in each issue, which is good , although the writers viewpoints tend to come through (which is a complaint of An Phoblacht).
I recommend checking the first issue at least out.
The website for The Revolution Papers


1. EWI - December 30, 2015

McGreevey is no surprise, if you’ve been comparing his coverage of the Great War to his coverage of the Easter Rising these past few years.

Another thing to bear in mind that of course, all of this is under wartime censorship (and DORA was applied with a heavy hand).


2. botheredbarney - December 30, 2015

That’s rich of the Indo editorial to compare the destruction which happened during the Rising to the invading foreigners who over-ran Belgium and Poland at the outset of the Great War “as if they had wrought their evil will upon the erstwhile peaceful city of Dublin”. Less than two years previously, during the lockout against the ITGWU members, the city had been anything but peaceful, and the Indo as a mouthpiece of William Martin Murphy egged on the police, the Catholic clergy and the gullible population into opposing the struggling trades unionists. Let us recognize Independent Newspapers for the historically reactionary organization that it has been and continues to be. Anytime I read an Indo or Sindo feature article on liberalising laws on abortion, divorce or gay rights or doctor assisted suicide I know that this newspaper group is not trying to emancipate the economically disadvantaged classes of Irish society. Just watch how they cover the water charges struggle after the general election.


3. Gearóid - December 31, 2015

I thought the cover page of the ‘Revolution Papers’ was quite funny. Pearse and a British general (Kitchener?) facing each other across a table, but only Pearse has a revolver next to him. On account of the British Army being pacifists.

I might just be being sensitive and cynical. The centenary brings in out in me…


4. Pamela Fitzpatrick - January 6, 2016

Have tried a number of north side newsagents and easons to get this and cant get it anywhere and none would agree to order for me. Any suggestions please?


CMK - January 6, 2016

Maybe ring the Irish Times office and they might sell copies from their Tara Street HQ. Or, that doesn’t work, call into the Indo offices in Talbot Street.


Michael Carley - January 6, 2016

If you have the spare cash in one go, there is a subscription option:



Theresa McGlinchey - January 8, 2016

When you say the Northside, Pamela, I presume you mean Dublin? If so, what’s the chances of us who live the the North of Ireland purchasing it??? I have been looking but haven’t inquired yet,though fully intend doing so. Just outta interest, did they state a reason for NOT being able to order it? “Available at all leading newsagents” my arse!!! Yes, it’s available to purchase online, however, (at least from what I’ve read),it’s only for the complete set? Apart from all of us being broke at this time of the year, who exactly signs up for a subscription to anything without at least checking-out the 1st issue? :/


Paul G - January 10, 2016

I just picked this up this morning at my local Spar in Clarehall. Maybe try your local one?


5. L.o'dea - January 9, 2016

Tried everywhere for the revolution papers.they are sold out everywhere.i have been told that not enough were distributed and some newsagents said that they didn’t get any of the papers.


Starkadder - January 9, 2016

As of today, I saw a few copies of the TRP still on sale in Eason’s
Cork. It does seem to have sold out everywhere else though.


EWI - January 9, 2016

I saw a bunch in Easons (old Read’s) of Nassau Street the other day.


Jack Jameson - January 10, 2016

I saw some in my local newsagent today if anyone is really stuck after trying Starkadder’s and EWI’s tips.


6. Jill Forsythe - January 16, 2016

Can you advise where I can obtain the 1st issue as I was unable to get it .

Many thanks
Jill Forsythe


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