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State Papers – 2 December 31, 2015

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Here’s more. From RTÉ this excellent brief overview…

Here’s the IT’s coverage, and here and here and here.

Telling insights into the Dunnes Stores strike above.

Two things caught my eye, both from those supposedly representing wings of FG. Behold the social democrat at work…

Finance minister Alan Dukes made it known to government colleagues in 1984 that he did not agree that a double weeks’ Christmas payment to long-term welfare recipients was a done deal.
He said they may expect the payment but argued it should not be paid because welfare recipients would be marginally better-off this year.

Plus, he said, the extra cost to the State would be more than £20 million.

Mr Dukes believed too that the country’s overall level of borrowing could not be pushed any higher to make these payments.

And there’s this:

An idea that the new Irish secretariat in Belfast should be balanced by a reciprocal arrangement for Northern representatives in Dublin was described by the then minister for trade, John Bruton, as a “very constructive suggestion”.

Mr Bruton made the comments in a letter to Garret FitzGerald.

The minister was passing on correspondence from a constituent of his who came up with the proposal.

In his response the Taoiseach said he did not agree that “unionist representatives or the British government should have a role in relation to this State”.

The implications of unionist representatives having an input into the RoI are remarkable, perhaps a lot more remarkable than Bruton realised.

For the UK one can go here to UK National Archives.


1. EWI - December 31, 2015

The Bruton proposal from ‘a constituent’ intended to poison southern enthusiasm for gaining a say over NI?


WorldbyStorm - December 31, 2015

Possibly, not implausible. But isn’t it telling if so that he didn’t realise that Sunningdale would in a way have seen some aspect of that too.


EWI - December 31, 2015

What records are there of Bruton pronouncing on the North in the past, even before this? How far back did the Harris interest in Bruton (and Robinson) as the anti-Irish republicanism flag-bearers go?


2. 6to5against - December 31, 2015

The fact that nobody took him seriously when he came up with this sort of nonsense is probably why he ended up calling it the “fucking” peace process a few years later.

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