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A sequence of State decisions January 23, 2016

Posted by Tomboktu in Housing, Human Rights, Inequality, Ireland, Justice, Travellers.

A pal of mine posted this elsewhere. I think it deserves a wider readership

Spoke with a woman today whose home environment was checked for health and safety concerns.
Her home was taken from her last week because of dangers in the original environment, making her homeless.
Then her social welfare payment was stopped due to no longer been at the registered address.
Then a civil servant suggested she put her child into the fostering system so she could get accommodation.
Then the local services responsible for taking her home locked the doors so she couldn’t make a rehoming appointment.

I mean historically the communities have had issues – but this is really just fucked up.

As a gay man no one expects me to live my life with a woman.
We understand that truth.
We understand that sense of identity.
As a Traveller however there is the expectation to live within the settled structured.
That connection of identity and the need is overridden and cast aside due to expectation.

Many people might not realise it is a privilege to live within their own culturally appropriate structure, as they’ve never had that option denied to them, but really, in this day and age we really could be so much more kind to one another.

70 people made homeless.


1. Joe - January 23, 2016

+ 1000.
Was listening to this on the radio last night and it just made my blood boil. Using the Carrickmines deaths as cover to make people homeless and worse. The treatment of Travellers by this so-called republic of ours makes me mad.
And fair play to Gerry Adams TD for speaking up for the Travellers in Dundalk.

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2. rockroots - January 23, 2016

Absolutely right. I’ve seen at first hand how the lack of a permanent address can be used by government departments as a reason to deny Travellers the very basic rights to which every Irish resident, let alone citizen, is entitled. And it’s not just a lack of understanding for a lifestyle that doesn’t fit the middle-class template, there’s an astonishing intolerance of Travellers – both in the state and in wider society – that simply would not be let slide if it were directed against just about any other minority group.

And to echo, it’s to Sinn Fein’s credit that they’ve taken a proactive attitude to Traveller rights. The cold fact is it’s just not a vote-winning issue for politicians to champion.


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