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Venus probe problems (sort of fixed, five years later). January 30, 2016

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I missed this at the time, the Akatsuki/Venus Climate Orbiter probe, launched by Japan in 2010 which failed to orbit around Venus, as was intended, but after orbiting the Sun for five years was reinserted into an alternative orbit around Venus. It appears to have worked with information from UVI, LIR and IR1 instruments being received including some photos. 

As a result of measuring and calculating the AKATSUKI’s orbit after its thrust ejection on Dec. 7, JAXA found that the AKATSUKI was inserted into the Venus orbit.

We have already received images from three instruments whose function has already been confirmed, namely the Ultraviolet Imager (UVI), the Longwave IR camera (LIR), and the 1μm camera (IR1).

We will check the function of the three other scientific mission instruments and perform initial observation for about three months while gradually adjusting the orbit for shifting its elliptical orbit to the period of about nine days. The regular operation is scheduled to start in April, 2016.


The probe was only envisaged to have an active live of 4.5 years in the first place. Yet it was put into safe mode for slightly more than that period of time. I find the sheer effort and willingness to think in longer timespans remarkable and oddly heartening. 


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