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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… The I Don’t Care’s February 20, 2016

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Released last month, The I Don’t Care’s are Juliana Hatfield, once of the Blake Babies and Lemonheads and then a succession of her own bands – and Paul Westerberg, once of The Replacements (much loved round these parts) and then of his own band, and then of the Replacements again and now solo again since last year. Hatfield has an ability to blend melody and alt/indie/post punk hard rock which is near unparalleled. Westerberg likewise.

Which is a long way of saying that if you like Hatfield and Westerberg on their own then you’re going to really like when they collaborate, as on Wild Stab, first album from the I Don’t Cares – by the way kudos for the band name.

It’s a great cheery hook laden album, almost too generous in terms of the number of tracks, with fantastic shared vocals. Standout tracks? The Hatfield led Dance to the Fight, all gnarly guitar riffs – the Replacements like ‘Need the Guys’, Kissing Break which is oddly affecting, Wear Me Out Loud, the more than country tinged Sorry For Tomorrow Night and the so good it’s amazing it’s never been written before Love Out Loud. Hatfield and Westerbeg have a knack for conveying a certain sort of yearning.

All great. More than four fifths of the way to a classic.

Dance to the Fight

Born For Me

King of America

Love Out Loud

1/2 2P

Outta My System


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