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A lash at the leader of the British Labour Party and then, what’s this, a half-kind word? February 22, 2016

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Yes, it’s that time of the week again, when we see what Nick Cohen has done this week in terms of berating Jeremy Corbyn. I have to, I suppose, point out yet again I’m not one of J. Corbyn’s biggest fans – my criticism being that he’s insufficiently left wing in his current approach. But be that as it may. Compared to me Cohen… well, let’s just say that he’s no fan at all. But wait, could he be softening just a little? For in the course of a piece on Chris Grayling he writes that:

In the Labour party, long decline has tipped over into the berserker of the Corbyn collapse. Everything about Labour’s past – its time in government, its strategies for forming another government – has become loathsome. Admittedly, Momentum militants have not yet baked and eaten members of the parliamentary Labour party but far-left circles ring to the sound of knives being sharpened and dinnertime cannot be far away.

Yet later… later he writes:

Last week, I had to shake myself when Jeremy Corbyn, in a rare moment of clarity, managed to spit out a half-truth – “We are now at risk of having a zombie democracy roaming around a one-party state.” He was nearly right. We are not “at risk” of seeing one-party states in England and Scotland. They are already here. And unless Labour changes, they will stay that way for as far ahead as anyone can see.

I’m a charitable kind of person, and I like to see the good in everyone. Perhaps, perhaps some week soon he’ll manage a column without mentioning JC at all.

Still, just about this column… not sure he’s quite thought through his position on things:

The suicide of the opposition is allowing some of the worst politicians I have seen in my lifetime to escape punishment. In any functioning democracy, Chris Grayling would not have served in David Cameron’s two administrations. The anti-EU campaign would not talk of him as a big beast, worthy to stand alongside such statesmen as Nigel Farage and George Galloway. The opposition would have driven Grayling from office years ago. We would remember him as a thug and a bungler – assuming, that is, we remembered him at all.

Now it may be me, but surely, surely, Chris Grayling was appointed while another Labour leadership was in charge of opposition and so it seems just a trifle unfair to blame JC on that first administration. And… in a way, sort of unfair given how close we are to the start of the second administration to blame him for Grayling being reappointed. So surely, what Cohen is saying here is that a certain Miliband was no great shakes either. But that can’t be right because that was no fault of J. Corbyn.


1. Ed - February 22, 2016

“In the Labour party, long decline has tipped over into the berserker of the Corbyn collapse.”

This has to be one of the ugliest and most ungrammatical sentences I’ve read in a long time. I’m guessing it started out as something like ‘long decline has tipped over into the madness of the Corbyn collapse’, then he had another drink or two, decided ‘madness’ was too mild and started ransacking his thesaurus for an alternative. By that stage he was too sozzled to bother reading the whole thing back to himself. But what about the subs?

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2. Starkadder - February 24, 2016

Cohen probably thinks “grammar” is for “Chomsky-reading Saddam
worshippers” or whatever guff he spouts nowadays.


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[…] A lash at the leader of the British Labour Party and then, what’s this, a half-kind word? […]


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