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Concerned citizens and think tanks… February 22, 2016

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Reading about how Mary Lou McDonald was accosted at the weekend by an individual who claimed they were a small business owner when it transpires they are actually the CEO of the Irish branch of Sarasin – a Swiss investment firm (and kudos to McDonald who when the person complained that ‘his children didn’t want to “aspire to €69,000 a year”’ – entitlement, how are you – made the point that the majority of those in this state working earn less than €28,500 a year) the following came to mind.

For Stephen Collins mentioned late last week the claim from a ‘newly established think tank’ – the Hibernia Forum that ‘the political parties are avoiding some of the key issues facing Irish society in this election campaign’.

What would those be? Well, amongst others:

…doubt has been cast on the fiscal prudence of promises in the Government’s manifesto for this election by a number of reputable independent bodies.

It says that public sector pension arrangements are accounted for on a pay-as -you-go-basis, which means that pension contributions are not paid today to fund tomorrow’s liabilities.

…the national debt is far larger than officially acknowledged, when the pay and PRSI liabilities are taken into account.

The report also disputes the view that budgetary austerity over recent years has favoured the high income earners over the less well-off, citing research by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI).

There’s more. But who could this Hibernia Forum be? It’s been mentioned here before, but just to refresh people’s memories we’re talking about the one which:

is an independent advocacy group dedicated to the principles of a free market, individual liberty and responsible and prudent Government. It seeks to build on the natural entrepreneurial instincts of Ireland and its open and progressive economic atmosphere, and attraction to foreign inward investment.

And their aims?

Prudent and responsible Government spending
A free and supportive atmosphere in which enterprise and commerce can flourish
Reduced taxation
Greater personal responsibility, as opposed to reliance on the State
Greater efficiency in Government operations and services
More honesty in public debate
Greater civic involvement in political decision-making
Support for Ireland’s low corporate rate, and the conditions which make the country competitive and attractive to foreign direct investment.
Support for the reform of our welfare system, and for the encouragement of people to return to the workforce, where possible.

And their personnel?

The executive Director of the Forum is Eamon Delaney. He is an author, commentator and former diplomat.

The Chairman of the Forum is Cormac Lucey. He is an accountant, commentator and former Government adviser.

The Forum has a further founding group of other individuals. They are all passionate about the Forum’s ideas and principles and represent a cross section of Irish economic and political life.

Interesting to see the former and current party affiliation of some:

Aidan Brophy, real estate surveyor and former National Executive member of Fianna Fail.
Mark Beegan, Communications specialist
Aaron McKenna, businessman and commentator.
Conor McWade, businessman, former member of the Progressive Democrats, now a member of Fine Gael.
Keith Redmond, dentist and small business owner. Fingal County Councillor.
Sarah Ryan, businesswoman and former Dublin City Councillor (Fianna Fáil).

So then… that Hibernia Forum.


1. dublinstreams - February 22, 2016

the pensions scare thing was on front of the Indo that morning http://www.broadsheet.ie/2016/02/18/de-friday-papers-145/


2. Dr. X - February 22, 2016

This “Hibernia Forum” was quoted at the tail end of an otherwise rather good piece about Election 2016 in Saturday’s Financial Times.

No mention of their real connections, of course.


3. Bartholomew - February 22, 2016

‘Former diplomat’ = ‘a few years drinking and photocopying as a minor functionary in the Department of Foreign Affairs’ (CLR 2006).

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4. eamonncork - February 22, 2016

I’ve decided to rename myself The Banba Foundation and appoint myself as my own CEO. Any of my contributions to any threads are henceforth to be considered as Reports, Working Documents or Submissions and treated with the appropriate respect.
I used to take my clothes to the Laundromat when I lived in London, once played a game of Diplomacy without fully understanding the rules and was the commentator on the video of a local junior soccer match.

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5. An Sionnach Fionn - February 22, 2016

Is Aaron McKenna the libertarian twat the wannabe Buzzfeedists at thejournal.ie keep giving a platform too? Could someone not get him a plane ticket to Silicon Valley along with all the other self-styled influencers? I suspect he and the Hibs would feel much happier there.


6. EWI - February 23, 2016

‘Hibernian’ is itself a wolf-whistle to a certain type of rightwing Catholic conservative who isn’t at all Republican, whatever the lip-service. See our new ‘Hibernia’ e2 coin that the Blueshirts have gifted the nation to mark the 1916 centenary.


EWI - February 23, 2016

That ought to be dog-whistle, of course. Though the other fits too…


7. EWI - February 23, 2016

By the way, Beegan is supposedly a FF activist, and Redmond is a Renua (and former FG) councillor.



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