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Ignore the guff about FG and FF not working together… February 27, 2016

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…at least do if you believe this analysis. The IT suggests that:

Some Ministers acknowledge that everything must be done to provide the country with stable government – which means an arrangement with Fianna Fáil – even if that means sacrificing Kenny as leader.

Still, if the following is accurate it shows a complete detachment from political reality on the part of both FG and the LP:

They expected to wake up this morning, and with the wind of 60 Fine Gael TDs, 10 to 13 Labour deputies and a clutch of Independents at their back, announce they were proceeding to form a government.

This may sound odd, but I can’t help but feel that proof of that is the election of a Green Party TD in Dublin Rathdown. Long a bastion of Fine Gael (and Fine Gael’s more populist shadow – one S. Ross) to see even there the distaste (I could put it more strongly) with this government and its parties manifest in that relatively polite and constrained dissent is educative.


1. An Sionnach Fionn - February 27, 2016

Fascinating to watch some Labour TDanna trying to bounce SF into coalition with FF on the basis of the “people have spoken” theory. I wonder which backroom strategist came up with that plan to allow Labour to pose as a party of Opposition while it licks it wounds? These guys never give up. Always one eye on the next opportunity, the next round of the fight.


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