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Prepare for the reverse reverse Tallaght Strategy if FF win more seats than FG February 27, 2016

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Something some are now saying seems very likely. Jesus. The Empire strikes back.


1. sonofstan - February 27, 2016

Been out for a while. And this is what I come back to?


WorldbyStorm - February 27, 2016

I know.


2. Ciaran - February 27, 2016

Good grief.

I cannot believe this set of results (in terms of FF) isn’t being greeted with more disbelief on the TV and radio coverage. And I can’t believe the FF/FG talking heads aren’t being pressed on their actual differences. I saw a quote from Barry Cowen to the effect that the parties aren’t ‘compatible’. I would like to hear an intelligent explanation for that one.

As far as I can see, FF’s electoral strategy is centred on an aggregate of various personal votes dotted around the country (amplified, if anything, by the amount of ‘independent’ candidates with origins in the FF gene pool/primordial ooze), with far better management of their vote, and a more realistic number of candidates than in 2011. They have also benefited from some very gentle treatment in the media (beyond vague rhetoric about the Celtic Tiger years and the financial crash). Their electoral performance this time around has zero to do with any coherent message or semblance of competence.

I think at this point, the best we can hope for is a coalition between FF and FG with a razor-thin majority, and an election soon thereafter that would eviscerate the vote of one of the civil war parties, and ensure that the orthodoxy in this country have only one party on which to hang its hat in the future.

I’m a dreamer.


WorldbyStorm - February 27, 2016

You may be, but I hope you’re right!


3. CL - February 27, 2016

“Fianna Fáil is within a touching distance of edging out Fine Gael as the biggest party in the State, senior party strategists say.”


4. CL - February 27, 2016

“The country will always be first as far as Micheál Martin is concerned. We proved that in 2009 when we took decisions that were electorally and politically costly but in terms of the country they were the right things to do.”
“That has happened in the past and that is what is going to happen again.”
“The country comes first in all our deliberations in this regard.”

Back to the future. Martin sounds like Pat Rabbitte.

‘”That has happened in the past and that is what is going to happen again.”
Well we can’t say we have not been warned. FF as revenant.


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