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Cheering news… February 28, 2016

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…this from RTÉ: But I particularly like the reference to Renua two thirds of the way down the following quote. It sort of sums it up perfectly.

The Anti Austerity Alliance-People Before Profit group have five TDs so far but they too have a good chance of making it to seven.

Candidates Bríd Smith in Dublin South Central, where a recount is underway, and John Lyons in Dublin Bay North are both strongly in contention.

The Green Party has won two seats in the 32nd Dáil after Eamon Ryan was elected in Dublin Bay South. He joins Catherine Martin who won her seat yesterday in Dublin Rathdown.

Social Democrats have taken three seats while Renua Ireland

Independents are making big gains and 15 have been returned to the Dáil so far along with four from the Independence Alliance.


1. Paddy Healy - February 28, 2016

Seamus Healy TD Right2Change relegates Labour Minister and Deputy Leader Alan Kelly by 1124 votes into 5th place
Kelly takes the last seat without reaching the quota at the expense of Fine Gael Minister Tom Hayes

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Ivorthorne - February 28, 2016

Will Seamus be joining with the Healy Raes?


Liberius - February 28, 2016

RTE aren’t listing Seamus Healy as WUAG but rather as just an independent, is that a mistake or not?


CL - February 28, 2016


John Cunningham - February 29, 2016

Congratulations on the great WUAG performance, Paddy

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2. Paddy Healy - February 28, 2016

I trust the reference to the Healy-Raes is a joke!
Seamus and I have always rejected the buffonery of the Healy-Raes and the Mattie McGraths as seriously distracting from the real problems of working people in provincial areas.
I find the question offensive?


Ivorthorne - February 28, 2016

Don’t worry, it was a joke!

The way things are going the Healy-Raes will have speaking rights in the next Dail. If Seamus had a Labour-like tendency to get into bed with people in the interests of power, he might take advantage of his surname.

I’m sure the Healy-Raes could arrange some sort of Game of Thrones style marriages for rejected FF, FG and Labour candidates in the south of the country.

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3. Paddy Healy - February 28, 2016


In this piece, Irish Times provides a free advertisement for the Minister

It is an example of Irish elite publications carrying only good coverage for pro-elite, pro-establishment politicians

Unbelievably (or possibly not), the Irish times published a piece on the election in Co Tipperary which omitted the following:

• The Minister was beaten into 5th place by Right to Water Founder, Seamus Healy TD
• The Minister was more than 1000 votes short of the quota
• The minister only retained his seat at the expense of Fine Gael Minister of State, Tom Hayes

Several local Labour party hacks were quoted which had the effect of giving the impression that the minister was “in touch with the Ordinary People”

It is this type of thing that gives journalism a bad name?


eamonncork - February 28, 2016

Well done in Tipp Paddy. Delighted for you, sounded like an epic battle.


eamonncork - February 28, 2016

Plus 1. I see Kelly is favourite to become the next Labour leader. That should put the tin hat on it.


EWI - February 28, 2016

I’d rather have seen FGer Hayes come in than supposed ‘Labour’ TD Kelly: does this make me a bad person?


Shelley - February 29, 2016

The same comment was made by many of us in Thurles today!


WorldbyStorm - February 29, 2016

Dark days indeed when it has come to that, but understandable!

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4. roddy - February 28, 2016

Well done Seamus.A sound man since the H block days who tonight in an interview thanked SF for their vote management in giving him nearly 3000 transfers as part of the right to change alliance,

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