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Irish Left Archive: 1916 – 1966, Irish Socialist Review, Irish Workers Party (later CPI), 1966 March 7, 2016

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This month we’ll be highlighting documents that engage with 1916 – either from the 1966 or 1991 anniversaries. Many thanks to those who forwarded same to the Archive.

Many thanks to Bobcat for forwarding this and other documents to the Archive.

This handsome twenty-four page document was issued by the IWP – the forerunner of the Communist Party of Ireland. It seeks to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Rising. The list of those contributing is extensive, including A Raftery (editor of the Irish Socialist), Joseph Deasy (author of The Fiery Cross: The Story of Jim Larkin) and Anthony Coughlan. Reprints of articles from Sean Murray (IRA and later CPI), Elizabeth Gurley Flynn (CPUSA) and John S. Clarke (a colleague of Connolly’s).

Contents wise it includes an overview of Easter Week 1916 and a re-examination of the Rising, which concludes:

The working class remains as the ‘incorruptible inheritors’ of 1916. By recapturing Connolly’s vision of the unity of national and social struggles they can give leadership to all those who will suffer from the repudiation of the heritage which was asserted in arms 50 years ago.

Another article notes ‘1913-1916: Similar Battle Lines’.

Elizabeth Gurley-Flynn’s piece examines Connolly in America and suggests that ‘he felt keenly that not enough understanding and sympathy was shown by American Socialists for the cause of Ireland’s national liberation, that the Irish workers here were too readily abandoned by the Socialists as ‘reactionaries’ and that there was not sufficient effort made to bring the message of Socialism to the Irish-American workers.

Another piece argues that ‘1916 proved Britain not Invincible’. And yet another considers Connolly’s views on partition. Here he offers the opinion that:

‘Personally I entirely agree with those who think [the proposal should be resisted with armed force if necessary]… Belfast is bad enough as it is; what it would be like under [Orange] rule the wildest imagination cannot conceive.

Anthony Coughlan’s piece argues that ‘The Connolly Road should lead to Labour Republican Unity’.

The publication contains many photographs of the period and after, the personal reminiscences of those involved in the Rising and also incorporates poems and songs into the text.


1. roddy - March 8, 2016

Some who claim to follow Connolly are totally at odds with his hostility to partition.

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Jolly Red Giant - March 8, 2016

Some who claim the legacy of Connolly don’t understand why he opposed partition.

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