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Ulrich Schnauss and SlowPlaceLikeHome at Whelans this week. March 12, 2016

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Got to Whelans during the week to a gig in the upstairs venue. Support act was SlowPlaceLikeHome who despite the orange jump suits, or perhaps because of them, offered a motorik inflected pop/rock/ambient sound that was genuinely intriguing. Keith Mannion and co are from Donegal and oddly enough knowing that part of the world very very well that makes sense – it’s all spacious keyboards, fizzing guitars and muffled vocals. Genuinely great and one to follow up.

Ulrich Schnauss I had never seen before, despite being a long time fan. There was just about no interaction with the audience, he hardly moved from hovering over his keyboards and computers – the video linked to above gives a sense of things, the backdrop onto which were projected urban and desert scenes when they didn’t look like they’d been taken from screen savers was kind of ropey.

And it was brilliant.

Sound was fantastic, crisp and clear. There were no songs as such, though the outlines of previous work by him were recognisable. Instead there was a swirl of music as one passage of music bled into another. Some oddly hard edged beats mixed in with almost Aphex Twin-like parts and for those aware of his membership of Tangerine Dream across the last year or two the sequenced sounds were spot on, but inflected by his own very individual approach.

I’d never, for my sins, been upstairs in Whelans before, and I don’t know how many of you remember Pygmalion (which later became the William Tell and later again the Hairy Lemon) upstairs, but it had that kind of an atmosphere. In an odd way it was the perfect place to see and hear Schnauss. A very good crowd but in a venue that was small enough not to be anonymous. It flashed by in an hour and twenty minutes.

I’d not been to a gig like that in quite a while – indeed since the creature arrived I can count on the fingers of two hands the number of gigs I’ve been to. But Robert Forster is next up, again in Whelans early in the Summer.

Anyhow, here’s SlowPlaceLikeHome live… more on them soon.


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