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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week March 13, 2016

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Here’s a good one.

But we have a quandary. The Left is agitating for the Right to go into Government so the Left can focus on protesting. After all, how can you demand the overthrowing of the status quo if there is no status quo?
And the so-called Right, who are actually the Centre, are having trouble conning each other into going into government, despite the media, who egged people on to get rid of their last two governments, insisting they need to get in bed together.


1. Ivorthorne - March 13, 2016

Our journos are usually quick to dismiss any accusation of bias but when talking about AAA, PBP or the like they continually use terms like “hard left” or “far left”. AAA/PBP are about as left wing as the PDs were right wing but nobody ever called them “hard right” of “far right”.

On the other hand, press regulars like Dan O’Brien complain about the use of the term “neo-liberal”.

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WorldbyStorm - March 13, 2016
CL - March 14, 2016

If FF puts a FG minority government in power, using perhaps some kind of a ‘confidence and supply’ arrangement, it cannot at the same time be an effective opposition,-because, obviously it will be keeping the government in power. Same applies if FG puts FF in power.
So the Dail arithmetic is such that no matter what government emerges from the murk, Sinn Fein will become the main effective, opposition party. And Sinn Fein will be feeling pressure from the left to be radical in opposition; the real left tail will wag the Sinn Fein dog.
Let supporters of the status quo tremble….

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2. roddy - March 14, 2016

Aye, Lt Lisa Chambers “army reserve” is the heroine of the piece! I’m sure the shinners are quaking in their boots that the free state equivalent of the UDR are at Harris’ disposal to thwart their evil plans!


Jc - March 14, 2016

“Free state equivalent of the UDR”? I find that insulting as a veteran of the FCA. Can we assume that Roddy thinks that the defence forces of the sovereign Irish state are illegitimate after almost 100 years? Roddy displays a shocking lack of understanding of the “Free State”.

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3. roddy - March 14, 2016

As far as I am concerned ,all army “reserves” are a joke.They are all “dads army” type outfits who play at being soldiers The comparison with the UDR is only as far as the “part time” element is concerned.The FCA are a harmless bunch but to present one of their members as a bulwark against the evil shinners is beyond a joke.Obviously they would not have the murderous record of the UDR and I maybe should have compared them more to the territorials.


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