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To save the Dáil they must destroy this Dáil!  March 14, 2016

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Pat Leahy has gone across the Irish Times, and has been appointed Deputy Political Editor. One can only wish him well. Anyhow, if one reads this one will soon sense that he believes that the only real option ahead… 

Which leads towards the conclusion that unless something significant changes, we are heading for another election – the likely result of an inconclusive election.

Oh great.



1. ivorthorne - March 14, 2016

I can see some shifting of numbers after a second vote but none that would change the outcome to a point where government formation would be much easier.

It’s the party members FF and FG are afraid of.


2. 6to5against - March 14, 2016

Another election with a similar outcome might make it easier to sell to their supporters the need for a deal between FF/FG, but the fear of losing seats and spending a fortune will surely concentrate minds over the next few weeks.

But a coaltiion requires a FF Ard Fheis, so supporting a minority FG govt from the outside remains the only likely scenario. And this is no surprise to anybody in FF. It has been the obvious outcome for a year or more. The small FF boost in the exact number of seats are really not that big a deal – they do not change the basic arithmetic.

Its all a bit reminiscent of partnership deals. The basics of the deal were all clear several weeks ago, but they have to pretend to negotiate until the last minute so that they can claim they are driving a hard bargain.


3. dublinstreams - March 14, 2016

why does the Irish Times need yet another political correspondent (is another leaving?)

Don’t believe MM truely ruled it out he’s just trying to play hardball, it will be an FF-FG coalition, no new election for couple of years


Ed - March 14, 2016

In particular, why do they need another political correspondent whose stock-in-trade is hanging very close to the establishment parties and who sees the world through the same spectacles as they do? You might think they could do with someone who has a bit less affinity for Simon Harris and Alan Kelly and a bit more affinity for Gino Kenny, Eoin O’Broin, or even (God love them) the Healy-Raes. Whether they like it or not, there’s going to be plenty of relevant political news coming from outside the normal political field. Collins and Kelly already have that ground amply covered.

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sonofstan - March 14, 2016

Indeed. The Times once had John Healy and Dick Walsh on the same page.


dublinstreams - March 16, 2016

Collins and McGee are already up the butt of politicians, how will Leahy fit in there at the same time too?


4. CL - March 14, 2016

If elections keep on giving the wrong result FG/FF will lose confidence in the people and the people may have to be disbanded.


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