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Trump and Obama March 14, 2016

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Just on Trump, this from William Saletan in Slate is a thoughtful critique of the argument that Obama created Trump. It is also a record of the bizarre disintegration of the Republicans as a serious enterprise and also a deconstruction of Obama as a radical figure.

As president, Obama was never a radical leftist. He extended the drone program, the Iran sanctions, and the bailout-recovery policies of George W. Bush. He proposed to cut the national debt through a higher ratio of spending cuts to tax increases than even Bush’s father had accepted and Republican voters preferred. Obama embraced the Heritage Foundation’s idea of imposing personal responsibility for health care costs through an individual mandate to buy insurance. He decimated al-Qaida’s leadership, built up troop strength in Afghanistan, and killed Osama bin Laden.


Nevertheless, Republicans opposed Obama at every turn. Whatever he embraced, they rejected. They refused to compromise on health care or offer a realistic alternative. They staged dozens of votes to repeal the new health-insurance law in its entirety. They forced a federal shutdown to protest the law. They took the nation’s credit rating hostage in a debt-ceiling showdown. They urged Iran to reject a nuclear nonproliferation agreement with the United States.

Useful critique.


1. 1798Mike - March 14, 2016

A lot of Democrats thought they were electing a black FDR. Pity them – they got a political Pygmy, who, arguably shrank in office. He appointed a raft of recycled right wing Clinton hacks to important positions – such as Rahm & Geithner. Appointing the ‘Queen of Chaos’ Hilary Clinton & then Kerry, to foreign affairs was a disaster. The State Department continued to be controlled by a raft of Neocons placed there in the Bush era. One example of this was Victoria Nuland, who so ably worked to bring chaos, death & destruction to the Ukraine.


2. CL - March 14, 2016

“What you are seeing in this Supreme Court situation is nothing more than the continuous unprecedented obstructionism that President Obama has gone through. And this is on top of the birther issue which we heard from Donald Trump and others, a racist effort to try to delegitimize the President of the United States,” Sanders said on CNN.


3. gendjinn - March 14, 2016

Trump’s ego alleged role in the decision to run.

The backstory on Trump’s endorsement of Romney is another interesting anecdote.


4. CL - March 15, 2016

“What Americans saw was elites conspiring to protect their fellow elites…
No one went to jail. In the meantime, the Obama administration put forth a tepid plan to protect homeowners from foreclosure, which was not fully implemented, and put no significant pressure on banks to free up the huge amount of capital they held in reserve to help out middle-class homeowners….
It produced a huge populist surge. The Tea Party movement blossomed on the right, and Occupy Wall Street exploded on the left….
It has also fueled the anti-establishment mood that has enabled Donald Trump to flourish…
The resolve of Republican congressional leaders to strike deals with Obama to preserve tax breaks for the ultra-rich was not well-received by working-class white voters otherwise attracted to a Republican, anti-Obama message. It prepared the ground for an outsider populist alternative like Trump…
Obama’s race, in many respects, became a symbol for a range of changes occurring in American society…


CL - March 15, 2016
gendjinn - March 15, 2016

The robo-signing of mortgages and foreclosing on properties they didn’t own, not a single prosecution.

The Harvard Law Review episode always struck me as curious, I’ll have to rewatch the PBS documentary from 08.


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