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And… talking of the US Presidential Election, March 19, 2016

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I missed this from late last year, urgghhh…

And this, though it is great in a way…

Chris Christie and Donald Trump… eh?

And this… in a depressing sort of a way. The stupid runs strong in them…


1. OfMonstersAndMen - March 20, 2016

Stupid equally runs strong in a lot of BLM and other SJW idiots.



WorldbyStorm - March 20, 2016

Got to be honest when I read people using the acronyms SJWs etc it leaves me as cold as the term wingnuts does in other contexts. Massive simplifications of political positions etc. And a further point, I really dislike ” don’t look at this look over there at that ” discussions. In this instance it’s less useful again because the proximate issue is problematic, contradictory, incoherent political positions in relation to a tranche of Trump supporters with regard to the candidates election run. The stuff linked to is simply not comparable. For it to be so we’d be looking at a sample of Sanders or Clinton supporters with absurd views not some figure entirely irrelevant to the election process.


gendjinn - March 20, 2016



2. gendjinn - March 20, 2016

Sam Bee’s new gig Full Frontal really is outstanding.

Also not to be missed is the Christie & Trump umbrella scene.


WorldbyStorm - March 20, 2016

Always liked her stuff and this was excellent.


3. CL - March 20, 2016

“They’re giving up, and it’s not even the third quarter.

Republicans who claimed to be horrified by the prospect of an ignorant, unstable, unprincipled, overpromising, mendacious, authoritarian, fear-mongering, bigoted narcissist as their party’s standard-bearer are watching Donald Trump’s climb to the nomination and surrendering.”

The New York Daily News has some great front pages on Trump




gendjinn - March 20, 2016

Not paying close enough attention. Romney, Ryan and the old WASP GOP ascendency is panicking behind closed doors trying to figure out how to stop Trump.

Romney trying to help Kasich to the win in OH was the first step. Coming out for Cruz this week is the next step.

Although I would say that you are right that if they can’t beat Trump, they will certainly line up behind him because he has an R next to his name. But right now the rumours flying out of the GOP about not voting for Trump, or running another candidate are something I’ve never seen before in the US.


CL - March 20, 2016
gendjinn - March 20, 2016

OK NYDN & NYPost links. Great.

Not living in Ireland, I don’t get all of the newspaper stories, talk show stories, pub stories. Even with the best will in the world, not being in a place necessarily constrains the quantity and quality of relevant information one can obtain.

Neither NYDN nor NYPost are official GOP organs and their perspective has always been for a certain segment of the GOP base. The exact part that Trump appeals to.

The establishment GOP is not getting on board the Trump train yet. They are very concerned about down ticket races, the senate, house, states. They are looking at the % of GOP base refusing to support Trump and seeing if an IND GOP run would get them to the booths.


CL - March 20, 2016

Who officially speaks for the GOP?

“the strategic rift in the anti-Trump coalition is the product of two very different Republican Establishments: that of self-conscious movement conservatives, who find a Cruz nomination either congenial or acceptable, and the non-movement-party Establishment, which is as hostile to Cruz as it is to Trump.”


gendjinn - March 20, 2016

So what’s Romney been up this week?


CL - March 20, 2016

Who’s Romney?


CL - March 20, 2016

“In temperament and judgment, this is now Trump’s party….

“With Donald Trump marching toward a nomination that few believed he could win, Republicans once bent on defeating him are now reassessing their efforts to stop him.”

“Those officials who come out in the next few weeks and play a role in helping him win some of the bigger states that loom ahead are hoping to be in a good position to be part of the White House should Trump manage to win the election…
Given that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic candidate, the intense feelings that she elicits within the GOP will be enough to move some Republicans into Donald Trump’s camp.

What will happen? Who knows? (apart from Eoghan Harris).
But for now the Republican crack-up is fun to watch.


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