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Judith Kerr, Mog and..er… Quatermass… March 19, 2016

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Been watching Quatermass – all the TV versions since Christmas due to a friend giving me the first three on DVD. And very interesting viewing it made for, and enjoyable too. More on that next week. But here’s something I didn’t realise until doing some reading about Nigel Kneale – creator of the unusually named hero (where did he get his name?). Kneale was married to Judith Kerr who created perhaps an even more famous character – that being Mog. Always liked Mog – though I only read the stories in the last eight years. I’ve no memory of them before that. And The Tiger That Came for Tea is genius in its own way too. There’s a couple of frames at the end in it that are extremely evocative to me of London in the late 60s and early 70s.


1. Joe - March 20, 2016

No idea what Quatermass is but yes, Judith Kerr was cool. The Mog books and Tiger Who Came to Tea especially.


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