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This Weekend I’ll Mostly be Listening to… Sister Vanilla March 19, 2016

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Interesting mix this one, given that lead singer Linda Reid is the sister of Jim and William Reid of the Jesus and Mary Chain and the latter provide much of the backing instrumentation and vocals (and Ben Lurie is in on the project as well). As a group it would be fair to say that it does not diverge hugely from the tried and tested JAMC template. Chugging riffs, 60s pop references, discordant guitars.

And yet Sister Vanilla and their first and only album Little Pop Rock – 11 years old this year – has a personality that Linda Reid is almost entirely responsible for. Indeed the first indication of that was on the JAMC’s Munki album on the track ‘Moe Tucker’ where she sang the lyrics which started with ‘You know I think it’s time you gave the girl a chance…you know she don’t need love and she don’t need no romance…’.

I loved that track (and I think she sang backing vocals throughout the album) – which made a refreshing change from the sometimes primitive sexual politics of the group.

And likewise with Sister Vanilla. Can’t Stop the Rock, K To Be Last, Jamcola’s. Each is a neatly constructed three minute or so blast of pop inflected guitar rock which works perfectly on its own terms. Some songs have shared vocals (see Jamcolas as an example) and “The Two of Us” has shared vocals with Stephen Pastel (sadly not available on YouTube) but Linda Reid’s voice is the key thread running through the album. I’ve read that Linda Reid wasn’t madly enthused by it all subsequently, but… throw in some genuinely idiosyncratic touches including erratic keyboards, equally erratic guitar lines and multi-tracked vocals and it is all told a woozily great and immensely cool album.

Can’t Stop the Rock

What Goes Around

K To Be Last



Moe Tucker (Jesus and Mary Chain from Munki)


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