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And still it continues… March 22, 2016

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The latest news that the Social Democrats will support a minority government from outside it – ie not take government positions etc is one that really seems to have no particular bearing on the political calculus, though it might indicate a sense on their part that whatever (and if an) administration emerges from the current mess is going to be unloved and best not to attach themselves too closely – as well as a further sense that replicating the LPs approach across the last five years isn’t exactly the smart move. But the it also feels a bit like the old ‘relevant or redundant’ line of M. McDowell back in the day. Tricky that to square the circle. Still it keeps the name in the papers.

April 6th is the next vote for Taoiseach though doesn’t the first chamber sit today? Not difficult to see this stretching out for weeks to come. Be useful to see the next poll on what voters think of all this, perhaps the Easter events provide some cover for the parties. Perhaps.


1. dublinstreams - March 22, 2016

doesn’t matter what voters think only matters what Fianna Fail and Fine Gael members think

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irishelectionliterature - March 22, 2016

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there. All this stuff about FG doing a deal with Independents and The Greens is nonsense as they will still need the support of FF to get anything through.
I really can’t understand why they haven’t been putting pressure on FF to form a coalition .
There are plenty in FG less than thrilled at the prospect of hooking up with FF but the hatred is far deeper on the FF side.


WorldbyStorm - March 22, 2016



2. breda morrissey nee richards - March 22, 2016

Where is the talk of these people “holding the country to ransom” with their failure to allow the Dail to function. Is this not a strike or lockout by the majority of our politicians.


WorldbyStorm - March 22, 2016



3. paulculloty82 - March 22, 2016

Granted, confidence-and-supply arrangements are commonplace, but it’s a bit Tadhg an Dá Taobh to want the perks of consultation without the responsibilities of government.


4. FergusD - March 22, 2016

Not really that relevant here but I came across this in “Naked Capitalism”. Ireland is in the vanguard of a new economy!

“My book therefore devotes a chapter to describing how debt deflation works. The result is a slow crash. The economy just gets poorer and poorer. More debtors default, and their property is transferred to creditors. This happens not only with homeowners who fall into arrears, but also corporations and even governments. Ireland and Greece are examples of the kind of future in store for us.”


So any new gov in Ireland will have this to contend with. A poisoned chalice?


CL - March 22, 2016

“monetary policy should now be focused on avoiding an economic slowdown and preparations should be starting with respect to the rapid application of fiscal policy. The focus of global co-ordination should shift from clichés about structural reform and budget consolidation to assuring an adequate level of global demand.”

“Ensuring an adequate level of global demand”- requires that Germany begins running massive budget deficits. Ideology prevents this; Hayek rules, not Keynes.


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