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Action… March 26, 2016

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Mentioned 2000AD a few weekends ago. But let’s not forget Action. There was a site dedicated to that comic – the sevenpennynightmare, but it appears to have melted into air. Still, for those who missed it at the time there’s still a fair few places with pages from Action around. Not least here.

I’ve got to admit I love it’s punky belligerence (and the frame for ‘Sports Not for Losers’ is in and of itself a minor classic).


Funnily enough there’s a slightly indirect crossover with a comic strip I loved, Oliver Frey’s SOS International which appeared in the Action annual 1984 – a good ten or so years after it appeared originally in Speed&Power. I’ll put up a post soon about Frey and all his works – he also produced a year or two of the Trigan Empire in Look and Learn.



1. East Wall History - March 26, 2016

Not entirely off topic , here’s an early 1970’s British educational comic telling the story of the Irish revolution :=, and a great illustration of the battle at Mount Street:




WorldbyStorm - March 26, 2016

Interesting. Kind of even handed even if it doesn’t quite get to grips with just why Irish people wanted independence.


WorldbyStorm - March 26, 2016

And +1 on the illustrations.


2. Brian Hanley - March 26, 2016

Was Striker the guy who doubled as a top-class centre forward and a spy? Or was he the footballer who was hired on a game to game basis? I am trying to remember.
Battle was a great comic once Mills started doing ‘Charley’s War’.


WorldbyStorm - March 27, 2016

Battle! Now, there was a comic, perhaps that’s next week. And Warlord. Remember that?

BTW, I should have mentioned in the post above that it was you who referenced Action on foot of the 2000AD post.


LeftAtTheCross - March 29, 2016

I have a bale of Battle and Warlord comics from when I was a kid. My dad used to buy comics for us every Friday night in Easons on O’Connell St after he got his wages. Great comics.


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