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Irish Left Archive: “1916 Easter Rising: Anniversaries and Commemorations” March 28, 2016

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As noted on the Archive this weekend – and many thanks to Aonghus for same.

For the centenary of 1916, this collection highlights documents dating from previous anniversaries of the 1916 Rising, giving a view of how 1916 was assessed and commemorated from different perspectives throughout the 20th Century.

About this Collection
With the centenary of the 1916 Rising occuring this year, it is interesting to see how previous anniversaries were commemorated. We will be adding to the collection with new documents over the coming weeks.

1966: 50th Anniversary

From the 50th anniversary in 1966, we have 1916-1966 from the Irish Workers’ Party (forerunners of the Communist Party of Ireland) – a commemorative volume with essays from a range of contributors. The collection also includes the May 1966 edition of An Phoblacht from the Irish Revolutionary Forces, which addresses the Rising. The Irish Revolt: 1916 and After from the Irish Workers’ Group [1960s] reprints a pamphlet written by Sean Murray around 1936, which provides an overview of the Rising and its aftermath, with an introduction assessing it in the context of 1966.

1991: 75th Anniversary

From the 75th anniversary in 1991, there is a commemorative edition of Iris magazine from Sinn Féin and the anniversary edition of their paper, An Phoblacht/ Republican News. Also included is James Connolly and the 1916 Rising, a supplement from Class Struggle newspaper, which assesses Connolly’s approach and participation in the Rising, published by the Irish Workers’ Group [1970s] (a distinct group from the 1960s group above).

Other years

From other years, there is a 91st anniversary (2007) edition of Starry Plough from the Irish Republican Socialist Party.

1966 – An Phoblacht, Vol. 1, No. 5 Irish Revolutionary Forces
1966 – 1916-1966 Irish Workers’ Party
1966 – The Irish Revolt: 1916 and After Irish Workers’ Group (1966)
1991 – Iris, No. 15 Sinn Féin
1991 – An Phoblacht/Republican News, Vol. 13, No. 13 Sinn Féin
1991 – James Connolly and the 1916 Rising Irish Workers’ Group (1976)
2007 – Starry Plough, Easter 2007 Irish Republican Socialist Party

As new documents are posted up this month and into next which reference 1916 and after we’ll add new links in. Furthermore in addition to those editions linked to above there are many others that have less prominent articles on 1916.


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