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A super coalition… March 29, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Talking to someone last week close to the meetings between FG and others, their read of matters was that Fine Gael was giving out the message that large coalition/minority government was on the cards. This would encompass FG, the LP, a variety of Independents, the GP and with those like Michael Lowry and the SDs on the outside – not in government but not voting against it.

Even if the LP and SDs remained outside and offered confidence and supply. Well, it might just be doable. 5 rural independents, Grealish, two Healy-Rae’s. 6 Independent Alliance TDs, 1 O’Sullivan, 1 Zappone. One arrives at 79 seats. But how would they divvy up cabinet seats. What sort of agreements would have to be struck?

Fianna Fáil, on lower numbers than FG cannot do it. And weirdly I can see how Enda Kenny might just go for it. A two or three year administration – the fourth Inter-Party Government. There’s him in the history books for keeping FG in power after two successive elections.

But I’m sceptical. Surely this would be a massively unwieldy construct on a wafer thin majority (though with an FF ceann comhairle that eases matters somewhat). And the numbers still seem to be way off. Again, this all seems like a waiting game as FF comes to terms with the fact that the only real options are coalition with/overt support for an FG minority government or another election.

Yet, if that doesn’t fly, perhaps this is indeed the ungainly political creature about to be unleashed upon the state…


1. irishelectionliterature - March 29, 2016

I would imagine it’s a case of exhausting every other option before coming to the most obvious answer. However it is something that has to be done before FF would consider any arrangement.


2. Tawdy - March 29, 2016

No matter what entity emerges, an election is on the cards again this year at the latest.


3. paulculloty82 - March 29, 2016

Seems Halligan is poised to break with the Independent Alliance – he always seemed a better fit with Inds4Change or the AAA in the first place:



4. gendjinn - March 29, 2016

Big Enda’s Tent O’Cards. Invest heavily in popcorn and smokey back room futures. It’ll be an interesting 6 months.


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