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Sovereignty March 31, 2016

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Speaking of eurosceptics, can this possibly be true? Tom McGurk writing in the SBP suggests that:

…nor has this country’s [sic] deeply ambiguous relationship with notions of a republic and the nation changed much. Most recently our overwhelming determination to be the best boys of all in the new European project most vividly points up our seeming disregard for any belated and dangerous 1916 notions of national sovereignty.

Given the rise of the European federal state, and the parallel disappearance of democratic accountability, we are apparently happy to be little more than a small offshore EU colony, dressed up in republican garb when the occasion demands. Today, remarkably, we probably exercise less real sovereignty than we did in 1916 when we were part of a vast empire.


1. dublinstreams - March 31, 2016

its an opinion column in a newspaper of course it isn’t true


2. Gewerkschaftler - April 1, 2016

“Given the rise of the European federal state,”

Nonsense – the disintegrating EU is many (mostly dysfunctional) things but a federal state it is not.

“and the parallel disappearance of democratic accountability”

True but not for the reason stated. The disappearance of democracy is happening on many levels, most of which are due to the fact that capital has decided it can dispense with it.

Anti-democratic institutions like the EC and ECB do what’s good for capital and these austerity / “steal from the poor and public to give to the rich” policies are passed down the line to EU member states. Or in the case of FG/FF/Lab governments joyfully anticipated and overstepped.

Only we can force the creation of genuine democratic structures and wrest power from the oligarchs at various levels. At the European level Diem25 are working on it.

“Today, remarkably, we probably exercise less real sovereignty than we did in 1916 when we were part of a vast empire.”

Laughable. Even my limited knowledge of the Unionist parliament and government in London in 1916 tells me that.

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EWI - April 7, 2016

Sovereignty is ultimately the power to bar armed intrusions onto your territory. And we still have a Defence Forces.


3. CL - April 7, 2016

-In the Guardian on Tuesday, former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis recalled his attempts last year to find common cause with EU colleagues.
After he made a plea for an easing of the terms of the bailout, explaining that this was the devout wish of the Greek people as expressed in the recent election, German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble made a reply which should send shivers up the spine of every democrat: “‘Elections cannot be allowed to change the economic programme of a member state.’”…
Another finance minister consoled him: “Yanis, you must understand that no country can be sovereign today, especially not a small and bankrupt one like your own.” (The late Brian Lenihan appears to have been given the same message.)
Varoufakis comments: “The true meaning is that sovereignty is passé unless you are the United States or China or maybe Putin’s Russia.-


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