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What? No mention of Corbyn? March 31, 2016

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Surely some mistake here.


1. Organized Rage (@organizedrage) - March 31, 2016

I know it is shocking, could the poor man have been admitted to the Priory Clinic. His addiction to Corbyn was clearly getting out of hand. I feel we should applaud his latest attempt to kick the habit, for a brief moment we had the old Nick back.


2. 1798Mike - March 31, 2016

Yes it was becoming ridiculous. This was the first time, I would say, since last September, that he omitted any attempt at a smear.
The guy has become unhinged. Up to the invasion of Iraq, he appeared to be a quite sane social democrat. After that catastrophe, it was downhill all the way. I have sent a few polite tweets to @NickCohen4 pointing out his more blatant untruths!


3. gendjinn - March 31, 2016

How can Cohen lay into Johnson like that, and then suggest people do a mental compare & contrast with Corbyn?


4. Ed - March 31, 2016

There was a front-page article in the Evening Standard today that was a real keeper: their daring investigative journalism has uncovered the shocking fact that Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters in the Labour Party actually want the Labour candidate to win the mayoral election in London! Can you believe it! A sinister plot is clearly afoot. The fiendish leftists have come up with a cunning plan to strengthen Corbyn by winning more votes for the Labour Party. Before the Standard did its fearless digging, nobody in Britain will have had any idea that a higher Labour vote would be a good thing for Corbyn, but thankfully the truth has been revealed, no matter what the cost. This was plastered all over the front page BTW.

There’s something unusually pernicious about the Standard: a hard-line, Tory, pro-Johnson and hysterically anti-Labour newspaper which is given out free to everyone on the Tube every day. It’s a de facto public-sector broadcaster without any of the requirements to maintain some semblance of balance in its reporting.


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WorldbyStorm - March 31, 2016


The sheer pathetic depths to which some of the media and commentators will dive over Corbyn is I think almost a useful exercise in so far as it shows how stacked against anything that even slightly upsets the status quo things are.

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5. Michael Carley - March 31, 2016

The most amazing was where Cohen managed to get a dig in at Corbyn in an article on the government’s failure to build flood defences:

One day, the Corbyn disaster will pass and liberal England will find the strength to remove the Tories. Every minute we delay, the more people go under water.


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6. Organized Rage (@organizedrage) - April 1, 2016

Michael, I saw that too, it’s why the Priory beckoned😉 I feel if this smearing goes on there will be a tipping point when people will see through it and cry out pull the other one mate. It’s already happening slowly as more people come to like Corbyn’s style of doing politics and are beginning to listen to Corbyn LP alternatives. When he was first elected most people not of the left would not have even heard of him.

the Tory press was playing the same game as the did when they relentlessly blamed Labour for the economic crash of 2008. However this will not work with Corbyn in my view as he tenaciously ignores such crap and continues to plough a straight farrow.


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