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Labour dispute April 1, 2016

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As Tomboktu noted in comments Kieran Mulvey’s name pops up twice today – some will have heard about his unique intervention in the LUAS dispute – unique in the sense that one would think his office would be keen to avoid the appearance of taking a line on same. And here he is again, entirely coincidentally (I presume) mentioned in a piece by Niall Crowley on the row about discrimination by landlords.

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) fell foul of the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) for issuing a guidance note on the new provisions in equality legislation that prohibit discrimination by landlords, letting agencies, and property advertisers against tenants or prospective tenants in receipt of rent supplement, housing assistance or other social welfare payments.
The WRC did not seem to be aware of these provisions that were enacted at the start of the year.


Kieran Mulvey, its director general, said the WRC was not the appropriate body to deal with this issue because it was not a workplace issue.
He bemoaned how anyone could expect the WRC to take on such an issue given that it was up to its necks in industrial disputes and had 5,000 employment rights cases to be adjudicated on.
He dismissed any WRC capacity to deal with complaints on this issue.
He queried how could it know what evidence was required, how could it establish such evidence, and how could it know whether the complaint was vexatious or real?

All perfectly understandable until one reads:

You would not suspect from his interventions that the WRC is actually responsible for hearing, mediating, and deciding the broad range of discrimination cases in the provision of goods, services, education and accommodation, under the Equal Status Acts, and in employment under the Employment Equality Acts.


Speaking of which how’s this for a comment BTL?

The legislation will not stand up to a legal challenge.. Landlords should be free to select tenants based the tenants character and reliability.. Someone who is accessing State funds to pay rent probably has other history which would be a red flag to a landlord..

Really? I’ve been on rent assistance myself. Good to know how glibly people in that position can be caricatured.


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