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Today I’ll also mostly be listening to the “Punk Mum in the Suburbs” – Vi Subversa of Poison Girls April 2, 2016

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Many thanks to Joe Mooney for this post.

I didn’t know until yesterday that Vi Subversa of Punk Band Poison Girls had died back in February, aged 80.
“Born Frances Sokolov, Vi Subversa began performing with Richard Famous, Lance d’Boyle, and Bella Donna in 1975. In 1977, they performed their first show under the name “Poison Girls.” When she started the band, Subversa was a mother of two in her forties creating music that, alongside Crass, helped define the anarcho-punk movement. With their politics, emphasis on all-ages shows, and anti-capitalist message, Poison Girls helped pioneer feminist punk.”

Here’s a great piece where she reminiscences about her late start in the world of Punk, when she was already into her 40’s.

A great early song from the band:

I remember hearing this when it first came out, found it’s sentiment odd and not exactly ‘punk’ (according to me anyhow). A few years on I can appreciate it:

Announcing her death on the 19th February, her son Pete Fender finished his statement:
“We are confident that Vi would not wish her friends and fans to overindulge in sadness. We all feel that her life was complete and should be celebrated. She made it to the milestone, and her time had come. Flesh and blood is what we are.”

I just saw this video for the first time yesterday. Onstage in December last year, her final performance aged 80! A wonderful energy:


1. WorldbyStorm - April 2, 2016

On a bridge on the way into Drogheda in the 1970s and 1980s – from the north side if I recall correctly – there was the name of the band in two foot high white paint. It was there for years. Always liked that. Great post, an amazing person.


2. ejh - April 2, 2016

She includes “collectors of tickets” among the people she lists in Persons Unknown. She obviously had a thing about this: she takes the time to mention “takers of tickets” on Reality Attack.


3. ejh - April 2, 2016

My favourite was probably The Offending Article. It’s a bit on the overwrought side – goes from the pet food industry to the Nazi death camps without much pause for breath – but the middle section is great.

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