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Dignam calls for nationalisation of TXFM April 3, 2016

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From the Workers’ Party

In light of Thursday’s announcement that TXFM is set to stop airing, the Workers’ Party has called on the State’s broadcaster, RTÉ, to take over the license. Jimmy Dignam, Workers’ Party Dublin North-West representative, stated: “As with all forms of art and music, it is essential that diversity is provided across the spectrum. TXFM, and before it Phantom FM, has provided Dublin’s radio listeners with a great service, by broadcasting alternative music since the 1990’s. It would be a real shame to see it go.”

He continued: “The national broadcaster has a duty to cater for a variety of tastes and niches across its television platform, so why not radio too? Just because TXFM isn’t “commercially viable” does not mean its service isn’t appreciated or needed.” “Last month’s JNLR (Joint National Listenership Research) survey showed that RTÉ’s Lyric FM, which caters for the classical niche part of the music market, had 5% of Dublin’s listenership. In contrast, TXFM had 2% of Dublin’s market. Whilst these numbers are relatively small, that does not mean that these genres of music should be ignored or appropriately resourced.”

Dignam concluded: “TXFM’s listenership is relatively younger compared to the other bigger mainstream radio stations. Furthermore, radio listernership is dominated by the category of people aged above 35, so TXFM’s figures would not be directly representative of wider society’s music tastes. The Workers’ Party calls on RTÉ to nationalise TXFM by taking over its broadcasting license, save the at-risk jobs and continue to provide this much needed service.”


1. Enda - April 3, 2016

I for one take no pleasure in the sad downward journey of PhantomFM to name change before obselesence. But if there’s any lesson to this, it’s that it isn’t enough to turn up with a pile of mediocre indie rock records and presume they’ll do the job of providing the magic. Whatever you think of the likes of Lyric FM’s Marty Whelan, Lorcan Murray or even George Hamilton they do know what it’s like to broadcast and with music that is freq not verse/chorus/verse stuff either. There is no novelty anymore to hearing Pixies songs on the radio


2. roddy - April 3, 2016

Outside current affairs ,BBC radio Ulster is quite listenable to.Every morning when that oaf Nolan signs off ,you get a really good mix of music (to my aged culchie ears anyway).Luke Kelly,Paddy Reilly ,Pecker Dunne mixed with classic 60’s and Johnny Cash.


Enda - April 3, 2016

Was a time many years ago when 60s + C&W combo wd be utter anathema to my ears. Now, not so much. Passing of time and all that


3. dublinstreams - April 3, 2016

isn’t that what RTÉ 2fm and 2XM is for? was TXFM not competing with them?


4. fergal - April 3, 2016

Unlikely to happen and even if it did…why don’t the employees take it over and run it themselves? They could even start up some kind of subscription fund from listeners?


5. Enzo - April 3, 2016

2XFM is a niche digital service, which doesn’t pay it’s presenters. The real villain here is the BAI putting too much commercial impetus into these specialist licences.

Phantom ran for 10 years on a not for profit basis very successfully with diverse programming. When the profit motive was introduced all we got was playlisted shows and wall to wall Snow Patrol.

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dublinstreams - April 3, 2016

I did say 2fm _and_ 2XM, how what commercial impetus is in the license?


6. Enda - April 3, 2016

Looking at one or two articles about Phantom, it seemed things got way worse under Communicorps after 2010, Dinny’s crew almost halving the listenership after taking Phantom under their wing. But… the rot had set in already. Hot Press come out badly from the whole saga BTW. But musical conservatism seems to have done for them too. Even though back in the pirate days a hard drive was the daytime DJ, so playlisting was always a factor? Think to a degree anyway there was an inability to move with changing times


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