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Anyone know anything about this? April 4, 2016

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Anyone know the context or year of this from the WP?


1. dublinstreams - April 4, 2016
dublinstreams - April 4, 2016

reference to it in old LP youth leaflet http://www.labour.ie/download/youth/pdf/nevermindtheblueshirts.pdf to do with union and workers rights legislation

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2. sonofstan - April 4, 2016

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3. J.Rudd (@jeffrudd31) - April 4, 2016
4. Joe - April 4, 2016

Don’t remember the pamphlet. But I’d guess it was about the Industrial Relations Act, late eighties. Unions saw it as an attack on workers’ rights and the right to organise and strike – at the time. Once it was passed, the likes of Rabbitte and Gilmore had little or no problem with it.


5. roddy - April 4, 2016

Is that De Rossa in Bertie’s arms?


Tawdy - April 5, 2016

With that hairy mug it has to be Jarry


6. WorldbyStorm - April 5, 2016

I’ve a copy of that ready for the Archive!

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