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Irish-American Dimensions to the 1916 Rising and its Aftermath April 4, 2016

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Irish-American dimensions to the 1916 Rising and its aftermath

Tuesday, 12 April 2016 | 17:00 | Neill Lecture Theatre, Trinity Long Room Hub
A public lecture by Professor Timothy Meagher (The Catholic University of America) organised by the Department of History as part of Trinity Week 2016.

Abstract: This lecture will explore the position and place of Irish-American nationalism in the early twentieth century and, in particular, the impact the revived nationalist movement in Ireland may have had on Irish America. It will also locate both the Irish and Irish-American experiences within the wider context of war and revolution at the time.
Timothy Meagher (Ph.D. Brown University, 1982), is Professor of History, and University Archivist, at The Catholic University of America.


1. CL - April 4, 2016

“Although not mentioned in the Proclamation of the Republic, the Hibernian Rifles were among the units which fought in Dublin in Easter Week 1916 and are listed as such by Padraig Pearse in a bulletin issued by him in Irish War News.”


CL - April 4, 2016

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