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Political tropes: The old one’s aren’t necessarily the best… April 4, 2016

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…here’s a piece from the Observer this weekend on:

Washington-based Design Army, run by Jake and Pum Lefebure, have created The (Very) Political Collection, a series of US election-themed chocolate bars

It’s all a bit tenuous…though I like the Flip-Flopper

“A mix of caramel with butter, toffee and sea salt. One moment it’s salty and one moment it’s sweet as you change your opinion. It’s designed like a tarot card: one side is a donkey and one side is an elephant.”

But Jesus, for left-wing we get this?

“Here we decided the left wing should be full of nuts,” says Lefebure. “Hazelnuts protesting different things: ‘Free cacao beans’ or ‘Equal rights for nuts’.”


1. Ed - April 4, 2016

If I was called Jake or Pum Lefebure, I’d think twice before poking fun at anybody.


2. yourcousin - April 4, 2016

As long as right wing is bitter and full of shit it should be fine.


3. Mariela - April 13, 2016

Well, I know the left wing chocolate bar was designed by a Tea Party conservative so go figure🙂


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