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April 2016 issue of An Phoblacht out now April 6, 2016

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April issue of
An Phoblacht out now, including…

  • Heroes of the 1916 Easter Rising honoured – Our task now is to complete their vision
  • Forming a Government – Sinn Féin is hungry for change but not thirsty for power
  • 1916 Easter Rising commemoration at Stormont
  • 1916 memorial wall including British forces ‘inappropriate and insulting’, say Rising relatives
  • Assembly Elections – May 5th – Vote Sinn Féin
  • Cappagh killings – State collusion exposed
  • The Assembly – Unprecedented delivery by Sinn Féin
  • Housing – NAMA jewel thieves go free
  • Cad is Sim Teanga ann?
  • Honouring the 1916 Centenary
  • Uncomfortable Conversations – Former British Army officer Kingsley Donaldson and republican ex-prisoner Conor Murphy MLA


1. CMK - April 6, 2016

Re: that cover – surely the ‘vision’ of some of those who fought in 1916 was completed by the reactionary Free State and the so-called ‘republic’ that succeeded it? Cosgrave and DeValera were both combatants.


2. Christopher Fogarty - April 6, 2016

Why promote PSF and its propaganda rag? Its headline screams “HONOURED.”

Does anyone try to deny that Adams and McGuinness led the surrender to Britain of the disputed Six Counties? .

What was honourable about that surrender?

What is honorouble about Adams’s fraudulent usurpation of the mantle of Bobby Sands, despite the Sands’ family’s objections, and the objections of all honest people?  Chris and Mary Fogarty


WorldbyStorm - April 6, 2016

A broad church here Chris and people are free to differ.


3. roddy - April 6, 2016

My local MLA brings me my copy of An Phoblacht.He served the best part of 20 years in British prisons and successfully escaped from Portlaoise at one time.He appeared on wanted posters alongside Francis Hughes and spent many of those prison years on the blanket and dirty protests.I will have to send him and his newspaper packing because some “long gunner” who sat out the conflict accuses him of “surrender”!


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