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A ‘progressive alliance’. Well that’s another offer some should refuse… April 7, 2016

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IEL has brought up the FG offer to FF. I can’t add to what he says – it’s spot on.

Meanwhile I’ve been thinking a fair bit about the Social Democrats recently and where they can go next. But surely not in this direction, one taken by DL in the past (of whom the SDs number at least a few former members amongst their ranks). 


Labour Party leader Joan Burton will attempt to form an alliance with the Social Democrats and the Green Party in the new Dáil.

It is understood Ms Burton wants to form a “progressive alliance” in the House, although it is not yet clear if she wants to bring such an alliance into government.


1. paulculloty82 - April 7, 2016

Indeed – probable though there will be an SD/Green technical group, given that the speaking rights requirement may be reduced to five members. Pringle, Connolly and O’Sullivan would seem compatible with both parties, but would Independents 4 Change shun the “soft left”?


Aod(h)án (@amaodhan) - April 7, 2016

Pringle’s an odd one. I’m not sure that he’d be compatible at all with the potential alliance above, or with Daly’s group. Both groups were comfortable enough with him to elect him as head of the previous technical group, but now that they’ve split, I’m not sure where he fits in.


WorldbyStorm - April 7, 2016

I think Daly’s group would probably be happy enough with him though if push came to shove – they’re very loose. And Connolly and Healy seem to be making up a sub-group in the Dáil chamber.

But just on that can there be more than one Technical Group? Has that been changed, or is it in the process of being so.


2. irishelectionliterature - April 7, 2016

For starters they’d all do well steering clear of Labour. Either way it doesn’t look as if it will all last too long.

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3. dublinstreams - April 9, 2016

Labour outlines ‘middle left’ plan to forge opposition alliance with Social Democrats http://transition.irishexaminer.com/ireland/divided-dail-labour-outlines-middle-left-plan-to-forge-opposition-alliance-with-social-democrats-391583.html “Under the reform committee’s proposals published yesterday, the new Dáil system will allow three sets of speaking rights for those on the opposition, broken down as two large parties; “middle group” parties with 10-20 seats; and those below 10 seats”

there are no parties with 10-20 seats so Labour wants to create one so its a step above the other groups (except SF). in terms of speaking and committee rights.

So they want all parties (technical) group, thats a new departure for the Dail beyond just more technical groups.


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