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Another SW film… April 9, 2016

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…but, hey, I’m kind of impressed by the look of Rogue One. Not that the look is exactly difficult to pull of, given its iconic cachet across decades. But the first real trailer packs a certain punch.

Entertainingly – and I actually really like this, some of the scenes (perhaps inside the Death Star, perhaps not) were shot in a Jubilee line tube station. Set dressing real world locations seems very sensible, and kind of fun, so kudos to them there.

There’s been some of the usual whining at a lead female character from those who clearly know no better. I like this comment BTL from the Guardian…

I’m glad they’ve got rid of male lead heroes, it’s so much more realistic now.

To which came the perfect response:

Female lead heroes is the bit you find unrealistic in a story centred on Jedi powers and planet-destroying spaceships?

Meanwhile I liked The Force Awakens a lot (what did others think?). Sure it was a shameless retread but it had its moments and most of them were centred on the new cast. This from Honest Trailers is both excoriating critique and celebration. As it should be.


1. Pasionario - April 9, 2016

Anything with Felicity Jones in it is worth a look.

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2. Starkadder - April 10, 2016

On the subject of space opera, Luc Besson is going to release his
“Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” next year. Looks like the whole thing has an interesting “Fifth Element” vibe about it:



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