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Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week April 10, 2016

Posted by Garibaldy in Sunday Independent Stupid Statement of the Week.

This weeks’s winner is a guest columnist

By the year 2000 Ireland had become the fourth most competitive country in the world. Growing at 11pc, the economy was the most successful in the EU. There was full employment. The budget was in surplus. Public debt, at around 20pc, was, after Luxembourg, the lowest in the EU.

Less than a decade later, Ireland was insolvent and in the hands of the Troika. Competitiveness had plummeted by 35pc, unemployment was growing towards 15pc. The public sector pay bill had become so great and social welfare payments so generous that Ireland became bankrupt and one of the EU’s most indebted countries.

The word ‘banks’ does not appear anywhere in this column. Fantasy stuff.


1. CMK - April 10, 2016

Eilis O’Hanlon tries her hand at satire, with predictable results. It actually is quiet funny but not in the way Eilis, I think, intended.


That Walsh piece is also funny, insane, actually. Walsh could make a dent in the public sector pay bill by renouncing his six figure pension from UL.


Michael Carley - April 10, 2016

Ruth Coppinger, as channelled by O’Hanlon: “I drag myself away from a must-read article in Socialist Worker …”

They don’t even pretend to make an effort, do they?


Dr. X - April 10, 2016

Does the Irish edition of that paper ever come out any more, even on the most irregular basis? Or did it move to cyberspace, like the American version? I haven’t seen a hard copy in years, *and* I’ve never seen anyone link to a cyber-equivalent.


Ed - April 10, 2016

Thought you meant the Sindo there for a bit. If only …


Dr. X - April 10, 2016

Actually, I’m visiting from an alternate universe.


CMK - April 10, 2016

Dr. X: a decade of the Rosary and a ten mile walk should cure you of your urges to read the ‘Socialist Worker’. If that fails then you’ll have to get the treatment for terminal cases: a full, annually recurring, subscription to said publication. 🙂


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