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Is it wrong… April 12, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

…for me to want this story to be accurate?

Tánaiste Joan Burton has told senior Labour Party figures she wants to stay on as party leader and has discussed a campaign to retain the leadership, even though many in the party believed she would step down.


1. Paddy Healy - April 12, 2016

The article quoted also suggests that Kelly and Burton may second each others nomination as they may be unable to find a different seconder. Seperate proposers an seconders of two candidates would “eat up” 4 of the 7 TDs!!!!!!

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Alibaba - April 12, 2016

And Howlin hasn’t made his views known yet. Looks like they are tripping over themselves and making it up as they go along.


2. irishelectionliterature - April 12, 2016

It’s crazy isn’t it .
As for the Labour leadership election…..
It’s one member one vote and only TDs can nominate. A Proposer and a Seconder are required. Hence Kelly and Bruton proposing each other but will also need a seconder as will other candidates. So the maths for other candidates to run is tight with just 7 TDs.
Thats the other thing for whilst the membership may want to swing to the Left or something they don’t exactly have a radical bunch of TDs to chose from.


Michael Carley - April 12, 2016

Can you imagine the state the British Labour Party would be in now if they had stuck with giving MPs the role they had in electing a leader? Irish Labour’s only hope now would have been for the membership to elect a leader with some credibility with the grassroots and part of the electorate. And they can’t.

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WorldbyStorm - April 12, 2016

+1. As IEL says its crazy. I’ve never quite bought into the LP is finished line – parties are very resilient, but it surely seems to be moving to a very small niche status at this point.


irishelectionliterature - April 12, 2016

And they are not even sure what that niche should be or is.

as an aside I wonder is there much going on in the Labour PP regarding voting on a government. I can’t see them wanting to inadvertantly play a part in FF gaining power.


3. roddy - April 12, 2016

Brilliant news! To paraphrase a song popular in some quarters up here- “long may she reign over us”!.( not really “us” but you know what I mean!)


4. dmoc - April 12, 2016

So if they’d only returned 1 TD (it wasn’t that far beyond the bounds of the possible), they’d have been rightly screwed.

“I nominate myself. Do I have a second?”


5. Paddy Healy - April 13, 2016

“Second each other
However, speculation within the party is that both Ms Burton and Mr Kelly could agree to second each other’s nomination – a prospect greeted with alarm and incredulity by many sources on Tuesday.
While the party’s TDs said they had not yet been asked to second any potential candidate, indications are they do not favour nominating either.” Irish Times to-day


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