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Some questions for FF – and what’s this about a citizen’s movement? April 13, 2016

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Speaking of ex-Ministers writing in the SBP, Michael McDowell (who, give him credit, for all that his ideology is deeply unpleasant in parts seems to still have some enthusiasm for political activity – unlike some, not looking at you Pat R!) does raise some useful points as regards the current processes around government formation. He’s excoriating about Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, noting that both parties were willing to work with the Labour Party but not each other despite being ‘closer in terms of ideology and history’. He may be wrong on the former, not so much on the latter.

He notes again that despite strenuous denials in advance of the election Enda Kenny has ‘wooed’ and ‘negotiated’ with the Independents (and had Michael Lowry vote for him too). And he asks an excellent question:

If there is another election can FF really tell voters that they still refuse to government with FG if that is the only option after that election?

And he asks too:

If that stance is not adopted by FF during the course of a second election why should it be adopted now?

And he continues by noting that a recovery for Labour is implausible and that ‘a big swing is extremely unlikely to go the way of FF if the public forms the impression that they are putting naked party interest before the public interest – and that is the impression that I, for one, am getting’.

And what’s this he says?

We might yet see a citizen’s movement run candidates in every constituency if there is a second election, in order to end the impasse and to force the two large parties to do business with each other.

Though his logic on this is a bit shaky.

With Renua gone there is a real gap in the market which could be filled far faster than FF might think by candidates poised to take FF seats since FF does not want to use them to govern.

Surely Renua is gone because there was no gap in the market?

But be that as it may, does he know something the rest of us don’t about moves to plug that supposed/non-existent gap?

And if not, aren’t others even better positioned as a sort of default of choice for FF voters inclined to drift away due to the current impasse?


1. CL - April 13, 2016

The political prognostications of someone who believes the departure of Renua left a ‘gap in the market’ should not, perhaps, be taken too seriously.
Still, if a FG/FF coalition won’t happen due to tribal animosity, is there a stable alternative?
Enda Kenny is probably no more skilled at herding cats than anyone else, yet he needs the support of 7 or 8 Independents, as well as support from FF to form a government. Hardly a recipe for stability.


2. gendjinn - April 13, 2016

I find it oddly disconcerting that McDowell is regularly the only one of that group thinking clearly and writing honestly about the political landscape of the day. Just have to remind myself to ritually curse him for sabotaging the Centre for Public Inquiry and it resolves.

It’s beginning to look like Martin has played a decent hand poorly. I wonder if they assumed a 2nd GE was inevitable, so just sat back and waited for it. Then FG went and made a concerted effort to put some kind of government together, despite the odds against it.

FF took a holiday from campaigning, FG didn’t. To the small degree that influences turnout and preferences I’d say FG have won and FF lost. If that ends up costing FF seats, it’ll be squeaky bum time for MM. And then what? Back to the very same choice.


1798Mike - April 13, 2016

I fully agree with you. McDowell is, at least a fully functioning right wing intellectual. It’s pretty clear that the gombeenism, clientalism and cute hoorism that marks politics as practised by FF & FG is driving him daft. Fianna Fáil, in particular are deluding themselves, refusing to recognise the new political landscape as it has unfolded.
Wrapped in their tribal comfort zone, having recovered their geriatric middle class vote & a proportion of their rural vote, FF politicians want to imagine themselves back into 2006!
I don’t think they really realise how volatile the electorate has become.


WorldbyStorm - April 13, 2016

Yeah, I think McDowell is the most thoughtful of that crew. No question about it – like you gendjinn I feel exactly the same re the CPI.

And the latest news this evening, FF didn’t want to go into a meeting on policy. Don’t they get how rubbish this looks out there? Not that I’m in tears but really. There’s a level of detachment.


gendjinn - April 13, 2016

Indeed, the blasted yet lucid fecker!

Between your comment & WbS below – it makes you think about what type of person would be joining FF post 2011. It goes some way to explaining the current blitheness.

You can envision all of this horribly rebounding to a big increase in FG at the expense of FF & right leaning IND/OTH. If it weren’t for the imminent and painful headdesking it’d be comical.


WorldbyStorm - April 13, 2016

I hate to say but your prediction or projection there sounds all too likely


gendjinn - April 14, 2016

*shakes head*

That’s depressing.


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