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A trap? April 14, 2016

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Has the tooing and froing around the Independents this last week or so been an extremely elaborate trap set by FG and (to an extent) FF? Fiach Kelly in the IT seems to point to that when he writes:

Given the political bind they find themselves in, it’s no wonder many Independents are still plugging away for constituency deals or, eh, national deals that have a local impact.
You’d almost think Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are taking pleasure in the discomfort of Independents, hoping their behaviour as they approach power will convince voters that only political parties are serious about government.
It’s almost the basis for political attack come the next election. Almost . . .

But isn’t it interesting how there appears to be a flaking away of some Independents. There’s Mattie McGrath, speeding away from the ‘rural’ TDs. Whoosh… There’s John Halligan doing likewise from the Independent Alliance… Wheesh. Though not exactly in his case. Seems like there’s a firming up of support behind him – perhaps it’s the old ‘I’m doing my best to hold him back, if I let go who knows what he’ll do’… Some of this ideological (in a way – McGrath is unlikely to want to be pinned down as a man supporting Enda Kenny, Halligan may have mutterings coming from his support base at the idea of supporting either FF or FG). But in a way what is more intriguing is how relatively solid most of the others appear.

But then they – no doubt – are all too well aware of what faces them at an early election. They have to be seen to be doing the necessary.


1. irishelectionliterature - April 14, 2016

Halligan has an issue with the lack of a Cardiac Unit in Waterford, which was something FF campaigned heavily in Waterford about in the election. Obviously it wasn’t a commitment FF were inclined to stand by.. (unlike their ‘solemn promise’ not to go in with FG).

I think the vast majority of the electorate assumed FF and FG would go into coalition and the fact that FF refused to even consider the offer of partnership has I think damaged them, especially if there’s another election in the offing.
The various Independents are stuck wondering who to back but I do think quite a number of them have come out well from this and at least shown that unlike others they are willing to negotiate.
I think a quick election would probably benefit some Independents to the detriment of FF and SF.


2. dublinstreams - April 14, 2016

much like McGrath is pale pump Halligan has found a south east issue to pump


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