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“We gave them a chance of redemption and they have messed it up”. April 15, 2016

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So FF have stepped aside in the National Interest and will abstain on the election of Taoiseach……. with various strings attached. They won’t be signing anything and want Enda to have the support of 60. Which is intended to squeeze the Independents into backing Enda or be blamed for an election.

The very idea of abstaining to allow Enda become Taoiseach must be sticking in an awful lot of FF peoples craws. There are plenty of FF TD’s who will hate it , I can picture the big red face and gritted teeth on Thomas Byrne and others as they sit on their hands and watch Enda being elected Taoiseach! I’m pretty sure there isn’t much love for the idea of propping up an FG led government. I may be wrong but I expect we’ll see an FF TD or two either miss the vote or vote against Enda. ….. sure they could hardly be sanctioned for voting against a Fine Gael Taoiseach could they? and they of course would be heroes to the grassroots for doing so too.
If we do get a Taoiseach elected I’m pretty sure we’ll have individual FF TD’s over the course of whatever arrangement is come to, going rogue and voting against the Government on certain issues, indeed whilst it is assumed that it will be FF that pull the rug from the FG Government when it suits them I think there is a possibility that it may be a couple of FF TDs as opposed to the party that could pull the plug.
Thats all assuming we get a Taoiseach elected……
If we don’t, well, cramming all the FF selection conventions in will cause some chaos. There will have to be more candidates, we have the gender quotas issue again and there is all sorts of local politics going on. Then of course you have the members choosing candidates. In Kerry for instance Thomas McEllistrim is rumoured to have the numbers this time to win the convention. The replacement on the County Council of newly elected TD John Brassil wasn’t greeted too kindly by many in FF locally as he hadn’t been a member of the party for too long.
Do they hold conventions everywhere or will they still issue gender directives in Dublin Central and Dublin South Central. There will also be places where a sitting TD will have been seen as pro FF/FG coalition , the type of sentiment that won’t go down well with members at all.
It must also be dawning on some of them (and the PP is split badly on this) that they now have the worst of both worlds. Hamstrung in opposition by supporting the government….with the card of pulling the plug whenever it suits them. However they could have done the same had they actually taken up the ‘Partnership’ offer from Fine Gael…….
It’s incredible really to think that they turned down even discussing the offer of Micheál Martin being Taoiseach for part of the next government, the offer of power, ministries even their bread and butter of appointments to the Seanad, public bodies etc,.. all for what? To prop up Fine Gael from the opposition benches….and all because of the Civil War (or FFs solemn promise not to back FG in Government!).
That rejection of even talking to Fine Gael about Partnership has the public genuinely puzzled, they hadn’t realised the level of Civil War hatred that is still abundant in Fianna Fail. People were expecting it from the likes of Barry Cowen and Thomas Byrne but shocked at seeing it from some of the new intake of FF TD’s.
The excuse is that they fear getting a drubbing like Labour and the Greens got before. The irony is of course that were there to be an election now they would more than likely get a drubbing too.
As someone put it to me yesterday regarding Fianna Fail ….”we gave them a chance of redemption and they have messed it up”.
Plenty more to happen in the next week or so.


1. CL - April 15, 2016

At a minimum FF/FG will have to agree on a budget; that means agreeing on economic policy. FF cannot be an effective opposition while it is supporting FG’s economic policy.
But will Sinn Fein become an effective opposition to FF/FG’s economic policy?


2. Gewerkschaftler - April 15, 2016

It’s hard to see FF profiting from this is the short term. It depends surely on how rickety and inept the FG + x Government proves to be.

Any polls recently? For what that’s worth.


paulculloty82 - April 15, 2016

None since the Red C on March 9th – we’re actually overdue one at this stage!

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3. dmoc - April 15, 2016

And FG going into an election a few months or a year out, with a different leader (Leo, e.g.) would be a different beast from Empathy-empathy-empathy-Enda. FG handlers won’t have to worry about any ‘jokes’ about Patrice Lumumba, that sort of thing. Keep the whingers happy.

I presume FG will have to give Taoiseach’s Seanad nominees and committee seats to FF as sops. Thin gruel, compared to arse-fattening cabinet seats and ministerial pensions.

Wild card: Panama papers. Far greater potential to damage the soldiers of dysentry over the coming months.


WorldbyStorm - April 15, 2016

Wow, that’s an idea, giving FF Seanad nominees. Has that idea been floated yet?

Very true re Panama papers too. I think that’ll run and run.


4. dublinstreams - April 15, 2016

you talking to FF’ers again?


5. dmoc - April 15, 2016

Also a first (in post WW2 era at least): FG for the first time gets two consecutive Dail in govt., but also —– FF first time to get two in Opposition. And MM still faces the possibility of being the first FF leader to not be Taoiseach.

And he had that carrot dangled right in front of him.


6. Jim Monaghan - April 15, 2016

” they hadn’t realised the level of Civil War hatred that is still abundant in Fianna Fail.”
It has nothing to do with the Civil War. It is just squabbling clientilist, patronage gangs. To say it has anything to do with history or even politics would be the equivalent of saying that the current gang warfare in Dublin has political roots.

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7. roddy - April 15, 2016

The high rate of vote transfer between the two parties indicates that the civil war is finally over.I was reared in a family who thought that the FF cavalry would some day come over the hill to save us from our fate.My late father and my uncles stood at bonfires as children in 1932 to celebrate FF coming to power.They held a forlorn hope of salvation from that quarter for over half a decade ,even letting Lynch’s “standing idly by” go over their heads.However sometime in the 1980’s ,reality set in and I recall my uncle with the roughest tongue finally declare “fuck them -they’re all staters now”! whilst my father and his two brothers nodded in agreement.When someone like Harris is made a senator by FF civil war politics is definitely over.

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WorldbyStorm - April 15, 2016

That’s very true roddy.


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