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Critics! April 16, 2016

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One of the more intriguing pieces in the last edition of The Phoenix was on a newspaper music critic. Apparently this critic had the temerity to suggest that there’s a generation of bland musicians who’ve come to the fore in Irish music in the past while. I don’t actually think he’s wrong though I’d argue that it goes a lot wider than Irish music (and I’m not sure it’s the fault of the Corrs as this individual suggested – a group I never much liked but that’s neither here nor there). I think the roots go waaaaay back. But be that as it may, MCD according to the piece in the Phoenix have struck him off guest lists to gigs.

I read this, and my first response was, well, that’s not great.

And my second response?

What is a critic doing getting in free to gigs? I’m not blaming him, or any critic, but it seems to me that a critic would be better employed paying in as an ordinary audience member and on the qt too. Less chance for conflicts of interest.

Sure, it costs money, but that should be factored in by whatever organisation a critic works for.

Occasionally, the CLR gets sent review copies of books. I’ve never much liked that, when someone sends you something for free whether one likes it or not there’s a sense that one is slightly beholden to them. In the end I stopped accepting review copies. It felt too complicit.

As to the critic, I hope he grasps this opportunity with enthusiasm.


1. damonmatthewwise - April 16, 2016

I once “almost” leaked information about the Lonergan case Vs. ICPD to the media, simply by mentioning the case was taking place, and then afterwards by stating something like “In the matter of a certain case I cannot disclose for legal reasons (a number of cases already taken present in public record), which any half-decent investigative journalist would be able to find”.

Referencing the con artists buying buildings with preservation orders and buying the fuel for their mysterious fire on account and then refusing to pay for the bills and a whole phlethera of cases against him were on record.

His contacts and involvement of the Minister, whose orders caused several of us to be blacklisted for standing up for People with Disabilities, which caused us to wonder about why we were being targetted, finding out holes in Lonergan’s history, debts and judgements against him from the cab driver, who took us to the source, and getting confirmation from the parties and the courts and finding out the links and revealing them, after realised we had been bugged, threatened and bullied by or on behalf of the Minister and something really smelt bad as a result; if we weren’t followed up.

In the Pheonix – with the absence of all other news media and radio being scared of by warnings from Minister of Justice John O’Donaghue, and Attorney-General, etc – the article showed the papertrail of evidence between Lonergans Hot ambulances, “JO’D who thinks he is GOD”, and the hot ambulances. The article even mentioned me as the Secretary of the Continuity ICPD (their nickname for the legal company).

As a result, the hard evidence from Lonergan’s own affidavit and the debts, and legal searches were copied and supplied to most Ministers at Council of the Isles, North South Ministerial conference, resulting in his tumultous drop via Minister for Bertie Bowls, lies and excuses, to Ceann Comhairle, to being refused to even get a nomination for Councillor in Kerry – on the basis of the ministers own dodgy dealings having been signed for by almost every significant politician in Ireland.

All the documentation about us in the Department of Justice was ordered in March 1999 to be sent to his office; each of us were told by the Disability Equality section staff in Mespil road – like telling us the contents of private landline calls we had between ourselves – we had been phoned with a request to photocopy our files to comply in sending the originals to “The Green Head Office” as ordered.

In April 1999 I was subjecting to considerable attempts to try and stop me going on a transnational partnership to … Charleroi in Belgium (thing is I grew up there). I was told I could not go as I “did not have an Irish passport” … subsequent searches reveal there no longer is any documentation of my 26th June 1993 application, garda clearance (as vetting was then called) and europol check, nor Naturalisation – of which I became aware was issued to my then Moyne Road address in December 1993 listing in The State Notices, then in Stubbs Gazette (in 1994 acting Letterkenny UDC Town Clerk read my name in same, photocopied, and sent it to Franchise Section of Donegal County Council resulting in me being upgraded for voting as Irish citizen in the European elections and from the Divorce referenda onwards.

I have had to get “dropped” by Gardai while standing and collapsing in freezing fog outside INIS at the Government Buildings, Dundrum Road, Tipp Town, in order to get written confirmation that while proven Irish to vote, there no longer is documentation on file of my naturalisation, thus cannot get an Irish passport.

A weird solution to a problem – after over 5 years living in Ireland, in 1993 am Irish to vote, but due to corruption and mischief by Minister in 1999, banned can no longer get a passport.

The cases, in representing the People with Disabilities came up in the Circuit Court in Ennis in 2000/1. The members of ICPD, it was decided had rights in what became PwDI (Wise and Wise Vs Data Protection Commissioner, regarding membership database of ICPD). The Minister in trying to use a quote from a 1998 Deloitte and Touche Report “that only appropriate people go forward for election” caused him to seek and manipulate the membership in having blocked, refused and cause to lose members already elected and in the membership list. The judge, in some 15 minutes of documented duplicity and manipulation against the rights of members confirmed members of the original body had rights in its successor body for the same purpose and criticised specifically the evidence to the Ministers orders and attempts to ensure who was on the membership list and refuse people in order to politicise.

The judge in the case a few days later was assigned to Ansbacher in its dying days, and then failed to get put back on the bench for Circuit Court hearings – the framing of him and subsequent reaction against the judge is also a matter of public record.


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