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Death Star tube stations April 16, 2016

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Surely this is even more appropriate than Canary Wharf, seen in the recent Rogue One trailer?


1. Liberius - April 16, 2016

It’s a nice looking place that Westminster tube station, it’s amazing really that so much ‘high-tech’ architecture exists in London given Prince Charles’ noted backwardness and how much he’s indulged by the UK media.

On the theme of underground stations the current wallpaper on my laptop, and phone, is this linked one of Akalla Station in Stockholm; I quite like the undulating roof; the blue trains are also nice.


WorldbyStorm - April 16, 2016

Never seen Akalla Station before but love it. Looks fantastic.


2. damonmatthewwise - April 16, 2016

Was Connolly Dart Station themed with “Jurrassic Park” with Dino roars and such any different? Felt like one was being hunted by raptors.


3. Ed - April 17, 2016

For my money, the best Tube stations are still the ones at the far end of the Piccadilly line that were built in the 30s; they’re all listed buildings, English modernist classics (they could build whatever they liked out there because the area around them was just nondescript suburbs, not like the city centre where they had to blend in with the existing architecture). The best one is in Southgate, it looks like a flying saucer, with a Tesla coil at the top just because it looks cool:

Apparently it was the model for the Daleks.


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