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Anti-PC/FS – Part 1 of a continuing series. April 18, 2016

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That would be anti-Political Correctness/Frankfurt School.

Here’s a man who has bought into the whole thing hook line and sinker, granted he’s not muttering about the Frankfurt School. Yet. Former Australian LP leader Mark Latham who appears to believe his chosen course in life is as professional contrarian. So he’s supportive of Trump in no small part due to the latter’s antagonism to what Latham characterises as ‘political correctness’. Part of all this is a – one would suspect – rather faux-nostalgia when the ‘left’ concentrated on issues economic. Hmmm… not sure, if one looks at his support for a ‘third way’ that that necessarily means quite what some would think.

There’s an interview with Latham on ABC Radio National – you’ll find the podcast entitled ‘Perplexed and perturbed’ which expands upon his thoughts. It’s… different.


1. Starkadder - April 18, 2016

Backing Donald Trump to oppose “media manipulation” is not unlike
backing Nora Bennis to oppose Catholic Fundamentalism.


WorldbyStorm - April 18, 2016

Love it, great point.


2. sonofstan - April 18, 2016

I had a rambling argument about Brexit with a colleague a few weeks back which encompassed political,correctness and Muslims and ended with him declaring ‘ I’m a middle aged white Englishman, I have no voice’

Which immediately reminded me of this…

But it is weird, and you hear it a lot, the idea that the single most advantaged demographic in the world, after the extremely rich, should feel like victims. I blame identity politics. And the Frankfurt school, obviously.


WorldbyStorm - April 18, 2016


Have you heard John Scalzi, the US science fiction author’s line about straight white males (particularly in the US) – he says they’re playing life on the lowest difficulty setting there is.

I think there’s a lot in that. It doesn’t mean on an individual basis individuals (and groups) don’t have problems, and particularly those in the working class, but for many many the challenges are a lot less than for others.

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3. Enda - April 18, 2016

Futurologists do have white semi- or unskilled males down as those in trouble when automation gets a stranglehold tho. The book Rise of the Robots for instance. Change may come. Trump is feeding off the unease. Now who knows to what degree it will happen. Looking at so many of those Independent TDs elected they all seem between 50 to 65 and male with no huge ideological differences. What that is a sign of I don’t know

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