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Can. Not. Let. Go. April 19, 2016

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From the IT:

Tánaiste Joan Burton has insisted the Labour Party has a responsibility to consider its role in the formation of a government.In a letter to members, Ms Burton said …. said the country needs a stable government, and the Labour Party has to “at least consider our role”.


1. paulculloty82 - April 19, 2016

Nor, it seems, can she let go of the Greens and Soc Dems, either!



WorldbyStorm - April 19, 2016

Yeah. Poor them. Mixed messages. What amuses me is that clearly the spin has been put on the letter. Initially it was seen as keeping the door open to LP participation in government. Only an hour or so later the IT now informs us that ‘Tánaiste Joan Burton has said Labour has a responsibility to consider its role in the formation of a government.
But a letter from Ms Burton which was sent to every member of the party is an indication Ms Burton does not favour re-entering Government.’

How interesting.


2. The Broken Elbow - April 20, 2016

It is all to do with the gorgeous smell of the leather seats in the back of the ministerial merc…..!

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dmoc - April 20, 2016

The national interest! Won’t someone think of the national interest!

Imagine the buzzkill for Joan, having to sit within smelling distance of Paul Murphy and the lefties. All the little sniggers and jibes she’ll have to over-hear from the ‘micro-parties’. Plenty of time to contemplate Harney’s “best day in opposition” quote.

And worse, not enough Lab TD’s to form a donut around her. No cordon sanitaire for the Queen of Job-bridge!

Ah well, there’s always the occasional spot on Marian Finucane for a middle class shoulder to cry on.

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3. entdinglichung - April 20, 2016

when Michael Foot’s/Labour’s 1983 manifesto was “The longest suicide note in history”, is this the shortest one?


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