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Unions in the UK April 20, 2016

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Good news for once. The Tories have scrapped changes they sought to introduce in relation to union funding – changes (natch!) that would have been problematic to put it mildly.

…all civil servants and staff in the wider public sector who belong to a union would have had to switch to direct debits or make other arrangements to pay their fees.


Critics had warned that a switch to direct debit payments would see members leave trade unions and no longer be able to access services they provided such as help with cheap loans, debt advice and legal aid.

This struck me:

In the report stage debate in the Lords,the cabinet office minister Lord Bridges acknowledged many Tory peers opposed the measure.
“I fear that my trying to convince you of our case may simply add grist to the mill of those who see this measure as a means of undermining trade unions themselves.’

And quite the joker is Lord Bridges… for he continues:

This is certainly not and never has been the government’s intention,” he said.

Hahaha… hahaha… yeah, sorry, got to wipe the cynical tears from my eye… perish the thought that that would be the intention. Hahahah…


1. Michael Carley - April 20, 2016

Don’t cheer too soon:

The remaining bill will still mean unions require a 50% turnout threshold for industrial action ballots, a 40% threshold of eligible workers for any form of industrial action in “important” public services including education and border security, and new rules on picketing.

and the check-off system had already been shut down in many areas in anticipation of the proposed changes.


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