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Political goodies for Independents… April 21, 2016

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If FG is indeed concentrating on the Independent Alliance in order to shore up numbers and bring it to the crucial 58 or so that Fianna Fáil demands that it gets before it will support them as a minority administration that makes some sense. Interesting that Mattie McGrath suggested that the Rural Alliance wasn’t in the mix – or perhaps not all of the RA which has always seemed a little more fractious even than the IA. Still, it’s not difficult to see one or two of the RA move to support an FG minority government.

But – focusing on the IA – given there are six of their TDs would there be enough Ministerial, Junior Ministerial and Committee positions to distribute?

And what about the IA’s approach as articulated by an unnamed member (affiliate/franchisee/?) of them in the IT?

One TD said: “What people do not understand is there is no whip imposed on the alliance. If our charter for change is implemented in full we could vote as a group. If it is not we don’t have to.
“If there is a policy proposal that I do not agree with I will not be voting with Fine Gael.
“The alliance does not have to disband as a group. We have always had that position.”

Fun ahead. Any others who could make up numbers? I’m including Lowry and Zappone as being supportive.

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