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Autumn 1916: This happy band of men…and no mistake… April 22, 2016

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This from the Guardian…

In the autumn of 1916 the steward of Reading Gaol addressed a bitter official complaint to the authorities: the Irish prisoners were driving him crazy with their incessant singing and dancing late into the night.
Ensuring provisions for the prisoners and staff in the middle of a war was a responsible senior position, and Mathew Loan and his family were lodged in a handsome stone building just outside the prison gates.


Just on the other side of the wall lay the former women’s prison cells – including a maternity ward – which had been converted to hold some of the men of the Easter Rising, including poets, playwrights and, disastrously for the Loan family, musicians. Every night they were kept awake by the din of voices raised in song, the sound of fiddles and flutes, and the clatter of step dancing on the hard stone floors.

Which led to:

…his letter begging to be transferred to another prison,

Love it.

Interesting article too.


1. roddy - April 22, 2016

I have a cassette somewhere in the house of an impromptu concert in long kesh circa 1972 where the internees and their visitors did their party pieces ,one of the visitors being a young Philomena Begley!. Another much better quality tape was also made in the H blocks in the early 90’s and was a really good seller.Sales were boosted by someone pretending to be a loyalist contacting Sammy Wilson to “complain” about the tape being made in a maximum security jail.Sammy took the bait and rushed to all media outlets to express his outrage ,thereby giving the tape massive free publicity!

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WorldbyStorm - April 22, 2016

Excellent story roddy.


fergal - April 22, 2016

The Ballads of Reading Gaol!

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Dr.Nightdub - April 22, 2016

My da still has a bootleg LP recorded in Long Kesh, around the same vintage as Roddy’s cassette.


2. gendjinn - April 22, 2016

I can’t help but be rudely struck by the narrative order of the anecdotes. Especially the outro.


Phil - April 22, 2016

Makes you wonder, who’s the *real* victim here… (Not.)

Surprised to hear no reference to the old triangle – by all accounts that made a hell of a racket.

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WorldbyStorm - April 22, 2016



3. roddy - April 22, 2016

Gendinn,sorry if I’m being stupid but what is “the outro”?


gendjinn - April 23, 2016

The rare time there’s bit of music at the end of the album, an equal to the more common intro. Something to set the mood or reflect upon once the album is over.


4. roddy - April 23, 2016

That’s a new word for my vocabulary.I’ll slip it into conversation with my fellow culchies and watch their blank expressions!


Kevin Bean - April 23, 2016

The article just shows that morale is nine tenths of victory.


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