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Meteors and other matters… April 23, 2016

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The thought struck me the other day that given how many shooting stars pilots see on night flights have any hit an aircraft. Short answer – no, not that we know of. And here’s Scientific American’s take on the question from 1997 which suggests it is highly unlikely.

But one line caught my attention:

Such an impact is extremely unlikely. The probabilities are very difficult to estimate. We do know that four or five automobiles have been struck by meteorites in the last half-dozen years. These events do not always get much notice in the media. On November 22, 1996, a meteorite struck Honduras, leaving the largest impact scar (a 165-foot crater) recorded on our planet this century, but the news did not get out for nearly three weeks. Eventually, the event was reported in British press. Our local media did not report it at all.

I’d never heard of that impact either. Oddly though when I went looking I couldn’t get a photo of it.

Instead there was this which suggests something somewhat less dramatic.

Anyone know anything about this?


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