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Man bites Apple April 25, 2016

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I just like Steve Wozniak more and more.

[he] has said the technology company should pay more tax. Wozniak told the BBC he believed all companies, including the firm he started with the late Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne in 1976, should pay a 50% tax rate as he did.

Indeed I like his defence of personal taxation too.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live’s Wake Up to Money, the tech entrepreneur said: “I don’t like the idea that Apple might be unfair – not paying taxes the way I do as a person. I do a lot of work, I do a lot of travel and I pay over 50% of anything I make in taxes and I believe that’s part of life and you should do it.”


1. gendjinn - April 25, 2016

Yeah, Wozniak was the good guy in the three. It’s an almost universal story in Silicon Valley and well lampooned in the TV show of the same name.


dmoc - April 26, 2016

Speaking of the SV TV show, season 3 ep.1 just aired over here. Still funny.


gendjinn - April 26, 2016

There was a great Mike Judge interview on Terry Gross couple years back during SV season 1.

I’ve done 4 start ups in SF and there’s nothing in SV that is not just a very mild tweak of actual events. With everyone now opening an office in Dublin, I’m sure the same happens there too.

And last night’s episode was a welcome digestiv after Game of Thrones.


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